EXO Neutrino Sport Electric Bike

Exo is one of the very few electric two-wheelers that were actually built in Europe. Exo is a trademark of an Estonian industrial manufacturing company AS Favor ( the leading metal processor in Estonia, with factory premises spanning over 9000 sqm-s )

This electric motorcycle was once an interesting piece of tech made with the help of Eu funding. Several of prototypes were built, but at the end, it seems by the look of their social media Facebook page that the company division for motorcycles closed the door at July of 2017. That is the same time that their website was last time updated. Maybe they still have something under their sleeves, and working on some secret project. The bike was a little bit bulky, but the specs were nice. They did achieve a pretty good price for an EU product using the monocoque frame design and simple CNC parts. The price was 3499 Euros for the base model, and it was possible to get Estonian licence plates.

Full disclosure: EvNerds did not check with Exo company their current company status. Exo company might be working in Estonia normally, not caring for their website of Facebook updates.

EXO-Neutrino-White-and-BlackTechnical Specifications:


Maximum speed 45 km/h
Acceleration 0-45 km/h in ca. 6 sec
Range 40-80 km


Dnm Shock

Brakes: front hydraulic disc brake
Brakes: rear hydraulic disc brake and regenerative braking
Tires 12 inches front and rear
Front fork Adjustable hydraulic suspension
Rear suspension Adjustable hydraulic suspension
Frame Welded aluminum

Battery and electronics

Type LiFePO4, Lithium iron phosphate
Capacity 30 Ah (1,5 kWh) or 42Ah (2 kWh)
Nominal voltage 48V, Cell voltage 3.2V, 16 Cell series system
Charging time, standard charger 8-10 hours, 4A charger
Charging time, fast charger 2,5-4 hours, 10A charger
Expected life 50 000 km to 80% capacity
Built in information display Speed, battery state, odometer
Smartphone compatibility 5V USB charging, Bluetooth data transfer
Motor Brushless DC, outer rotor, neodymium magnets, 2 kg
Motor power Nominal 2.0 kW, maximum 3.8 kW


Weight 76 kg (incl. batteries)
Wheelbase 1078 mm
Length 1520 mm
Seat height 775 mm
No. of storages 1
Carrying capacity 130 kg

More picture on EXO Facebook page

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