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FUELL Electric Motorcycle and Ebike / Fluid and Flow interview

NEW YORK Electric Motorcycle scene is even more diverse now with a Fuell company products: Fluid ebike and electric motorcycle called Flow. Tarform bikes, Cake Kalk and now Fuell present their new EV creations for the first time to the general public in the Big Apple all in the last couple of months.

Fuell Inc. company

Erik Buell as CTO, Francois-Xavier Terny as CEO and Fred Vasseur formed a company called Fuell Inc. EvNerds was especially interested in this story because it surprised us that this old school internationally known names from Motorcycle World came up with affordable Indiegogo Campaign for a cool Ebike called Fluid and a Flow electric motorcycle that will not cost a fortune!

Fluid is your best-in-class e-bike: beautifully designed, robust, and efficient. Designed for city and limitless adventures, it packs 2 removable batteries and over 1000Wh of energy. Its motor is one of the most powerful on the market. It features a full-color dashboard and 5 levels of assistance. Its carbon belt and 8-speed geared hub make it perfectly silent and virtually maintenance-free.
Flow is an electric motorcycle combining advanced technology, autonomy and safety. Amazing range (up to 150 miles in urban environment), power (2.7 sec 0 to 100kph), practicality (integrated 50 liter secured storage), technology (proprietary wheel-motor, connected dashboard, safety tech) and unparalleled driving pleasure.

Michael Borrero stepped in again as a news reporter for EvNerds and talked to the team and took some nice details of this electric vehicle prototypes.

Fuell Fluid Interview Video and Flow advert!

Sorry for bad sound quality, it was crowded and on this short notice, there were no fancy gadgets around us except mobile phone camera and audio

Fuell Fluid Technical specifications


Pedelec or S-Pedelec ?

Fluid is available in 2 versions: Pedelec (up to 20mph or 25kph) or S-Pedelec (up to 28mph or 45kph). Two versions to meet your needs and comply with your local regulation.

FUELL ebike mid-motor with belt drive going to rear wheel that has Shimano Alfine 8-speed Geared Hub SG-S7001-8 Rapidfire Plus Shift Lever SL-S7000-8 Alfine
FUELL mid-motor with belt drive going to rear wheel that has Shimano Alfine 8-speed Geared Hub SG-S7001-8 Rapidfire Plus Shift Lever SL-S7000-8 Alfine
E-Bike Class Pedelec / S-Pedelec
Motor Mid-Drive Bofeili (FUELL exclusive)
Motor Nominal Output 500W (US), 250W/500W (EU)
Torque 100Nm


Speed max PEDELEC : 20mph US / 25km/h EU
S-PEDELEC : 28 mph US / 45 km/h EU
Range (Urban) Up to 125 miles / 200 kms


Battery Type 2 Removable Batteries with LED level indicator
Battery Capacity 1008 Wh
Battery Voltage 48V
Battery Charger 4 Amp Fast Charger
Recharge Time Home 80% charge in 2.5 hrs, 100% in 5 hrs


Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Front Suspension Suntour XCR34, 120 mm travel
Derailleur Shimano Alfine 8-speed Geared Hub SG-S7001-8 Rapidfire Plus Shift Lever SL-S7000-8 Alfine
Front Brake Tektro HD-E 350, 180mm disk
Rear Brake Tektro HD-E 350, 180mm disk
Belt Gates Carbon Beltdrive
Tires Schwalbe Super Moto-X 27,5″ x 2.25
Lights Roxim Z4E Pro, 900 lumens ultra bright and ultra wide
Screen 3.2inch IPS color screen with battery capacity, speed, distance, 5 assist levels, walking mode and USB charging port
Weight 31 kgs / 69 lbs

PIN Code to start Fluid’s dashboard
Removable batteries
Foldable lock
GPS/LoRa tracker embedded in the frame

If you like what you have seen and want to back this up, go to Indiegogo and do it

Fuell Flow Electric Motorcycle


“Elegant design, urban range up to 150 miles, fast charge under 30 minutes, and the acceleration of a superbike. All this packed in a machine weighing less than 400 lbs. The Flow has numerous innovations like the exclusive wheel motor, the connected dashboard, and 50 liters of storage. Flow is designed to evolve with technological progress. The modular design allows for easy upgrade of the battery, the wheel motor, and the charging system.” – Fuell website

Michael Borrero and Erik Buell with fully functional Flow electric motorcycle prototype

We like the fact what Erik pointed out earlier in the video: Flow electric motorcycle is made for Urban average income people. It is not an elite bike, it is a city electric motorcycle that does its job perfectly for a PREORDER PRICE of 10.995 USD ( 11 Kw version ) and 11.995 USD ( 35 Kw version ). For this amount you get:

1. Fast charging ( 1.25 -2.5h )

2. Up to 85 mph speed ( 0-100 Kph = 2.7 sec)

3. 48 Hp and 750 Nm of tourque

4. 10 kwh Li-ion  battery

We were pretty sure somebody messed up the Nm specifications of Flow electric motorcycle until we checked out the system voltage. It is 400V, and with the hub motor diameter, it may be really possible to have 750 Nm of torque. The only problem we see here is the EU homologation. We are unsure in what category this bikes would fit in. USA will find a way to sell them and register, but we hope that Erik Buell is planning European sale as well and that he will consider pointing out on the website all clarified information about COC and category where the bike would be registered in.


Check out all the specs:

flow electric hub motor

Powertrain Advanced technology, proprietary electric wheel motor (patent pending)
Power 35 kW (48hp) continous
Torque 750 Nm (553lb-ft)

Check out the VIDEO of bike in action here

Speed max (sustained) 55 mph (up to 85mph on demand)
Range (Urban) 150 miles (240 kms)
0-30 kph 0.8 sec
0-60 kph 1.6 sec
0-100 kph 2.7 sec

Battery Capacity 10 KwH
Battery Type Li-ION cylindrical cell array in structural magnesium housing
Battery Voltage 400V
Recuperation Rear wheel regenerative braking activated automatically by application of the linked braking system (patent pending)
Recharging Quick charge or home w/ Onboard or accessory Fast Chargers
Charge Port CCS Type 2 (adapters for Type 1)
Charging Rate 750W on board, 3.3kW & 6.6kW available accessory fast chargers
Recharge Time Supercharger/CCS ~30 min (CCS Type 2, DC)
Recharge Time Home 100% Charge:
~10 hours (Onboard),
~2.5 hours (3.3 kW Optional),
~1.25 hours (6.6 kW Optional)
Typical Cost to Recharge 1$

Chassis Material Magnesium Monocoque (patent pending)
Storage Capacity 50 liters (patent pending)
Front Suspension Inverted Ø 40 mm telescopic forks
Rear Suspension Single sided swingarm. Rear shock with adjustable preload
Front Brake Hydraulic disc ABS
Rear Brake Integrated regenerative ABS
Front Wheel 2.50 x 17″
Front Tire 110/70-17
Rear Wheel 4.00 x 17″
Rear Tire 140/70-17

Vehicle Status Application on iPhone/Android
eTraction Control
2 Ride Modes (Urban, Audacious)
Illuminated Storage Compartment
Linked Intelligent ABS
Hands Free Lock/Unlock and Engage
Connected, Interactive Dashboard
Walk and Reverse Assist
Blind Side Detection
Front Collision Warning
Rear Collision Warning

For all other information, please visit official website

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