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Furor Electric Bikes and Electric Motorcycles from Kyev

Kyev electric bikes and electric motorcycles

Furor Bikes are one man’s engineering, design, and development based in Kyiv. His name is Bogdan Rudenko and he is a true DIY man, or should we say an EvNerd. Furor bikes latest project is electric motorcycle called MANOWAR 2.0


Manowar 2.0 electric motorcycle frame is based on Manowar 1.0

electric bike frame

The concept was based on the cross-endurance motorcycle. A frame of this type is the most versatile and perfect solution. On the basis of such a platform, you can build an unsurpassed bike, both in appearance and in terms of characteristics (speed, acceleration, mileage, weight).


manowar 2.0 frame

With different plastic and metal covers, Furor bikes will achieve different designs like this




Furor bikes are making it wasy to switch electric brushless motors on the bottom of the frame

Manowar 2.0 project has been developed for about 9 months. Although the project revision 1.0 has gone already after 6 months at the start of the project, only now after the tests and upgrades everything is ready for the start of small-scale production.


Main advantages of the MANOWAR 2.0 frame:

– A huge opportunity for customizations

– Installation of the drive (outboard) motors

– Suspension with progression

This is Furor latest pictures from this products development

Before Manowar, Furor Bikes created a variety of different Ebikes and electric motorcycles in Kyiv using Steel tubes, Aluminium tubes, and Steel Sheet.

LMX BIKES INSPIRED electric motorcycle

Bogdan Redenko created a simmiliar bike to first version LMX bikes

Posted by Bogdan Rudenko on 3. svibnja 2017


Posted by Bogdan Rudenko on 27. ožujka 2017

MANOWAR 1.0 Electric motorcycle prototype

electric bike frame

Сьогодні вперше після відпустки навідався в цех. Отримав довгоочікувані деталюшки. Ще не зрозуміло, що з цього вийде, але наступний тиждень буде дуже цікавий.

Posted by Bogdan Rudenko on 1. rujna 2017

Сьогодні вперше їздив на електротязі))

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Вихідні вже наближаються — я бачу!

Posted by Bogdan Rudenko on 8. rujna 2017

#електробайк вже на колесах, чекаю коли приїдуть акуми і інші дрібнички

Posted by Bogdan Rudenko on 12. rujna 2017

Finished product

Якщо цікаво то сьогодні в мене був перший дійсно бойовий виїзд. Накатав близько 40 км, більше нестав мучити батарейку. П…

Posted by Bogdan Rudenko on 11. studenoga 2017

Cargo Electric bike

Bogdan Rudenko built other non Electric bike frames. We specially like this one:

І що тут у нас? Ага, самоварний алю ендурік!Ну от і доходить до кінця майже річна епопея з побудови власного All…

Posted by Bogdan Rudenko on 14. lipnja 2017

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