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Futuristic Brasch RP3 Electric Motorcycle

RP3 electric motorcycle

Brasch RP3 electric motorcycle is a piece of art

Brasch RP3 electric motorcycle is built by Brasch Design

They summed up all carbon fiber knowledge and experience from their previous electric motorcycle: Black Diamond; and made this beauty! This bike that isn’t just great to ride but also represents a piece of art in motion.

The RP3 started as a computer Sketch

electric motorcycle design

Firt they have built Clay model, and tested parts around it

They’ve made 3 clay models until they got the design they wanted

electric motorcycle caffe racer

Last design check before Carbon fiber parts making

When they checked all design details on real 1:1 model, they went to another step

Making Carbon and CNC frame and electric motor parts

moto detailsAssembly and new parts added

electric caffe racer motorcycle

MASSIVE 12.5 kWh Battery is added to Electric motorcycle

This is a brasch RP3 battery pack.
1080 cells – 12.5kWh

More than 200km on on one charge!

It weights 65kg and it’s also an important structural part of this electric motorbike

electric motorcycle battery

The finished prototype looks like it came from a futuristic cafe racer movie

futuristic electric motorcycle design

We Still dont know exact performance specifications. We are waiting for Brash company to reply on this matter

Futuristic Brasch RP3 electric motorcycle kind of reminds us of a very nice electric bike designed by Daniel Simon. It’s definitely not a copy, maybe an inspiration. We are very happy to see more electric motorcycles going full futuristic mode

Daniels Simon C01- Electric motorcycle design for Lotus

Lotus Motorcycles C-01, designed by Daniel Simon

More pictures and video

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Posted by Brasch Design on 18. srpnja 2017

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