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Futuristic Electric Chopper by Ballistic Cycles!

Electric Chopper by Ballistic Cycles

Ballistic Cycles, based in the USA specialize in the design and production of extravagant and cool chopper motorcycles with all kinds of custom motorcycle parts. They engineered this innovative hubless electric chopper with one-sided Girder front fork. Company used the latest Zero SRF electric motor, battery, and controller for their project.

Girder front suspension
Custom Girder front suspension

Ballistic Cycles used all the high end motorcycle parts that we love on a self-designed motorcycle with their recognizable signature design! Performance is bitching as well ( 0-60mph1.9 sec – latest tech from ZERO )! 

Ballistic Cycles Electric Chopper Build

The in-house design went through a couple of phases on drawing board. As mentioned earlier, Zero SRF parts were fitted to their chopper frame.  The mock-up styling design was tested and assembled on real frame for a quick design check. Custom motor mounting worked perfectly with the rear brake mounted directly on motor holder!

OOOO its Alive muhahaha

Objavljuje Ballistic Cycles u Ponedjeljak, 9. ožujka 2020.

After that process, all the parts were made in aluminum and assembled onto the motorcycle.

ZERO SRF PARTS for the project
Ballistic Cycles E-Chopper Design
Ballistic Cycles E-Chopper Design
Ballistic Cycles E-Chopper Design

Ballistic Cycles E-Chopper Design

Look at how many curves this side panel has. Imagine how much patience you have to have while making this out of aluminum!
motor mounting plate + design check
Electric Chopper by Ballistic Cycles
Electric Chopper by Ballistic Cycles


The E-chopper is ALIVE!

Special thanks to all involved in my new build . #steveschuller #transoudesigns #Elementalmachine #coltonhardison #notoriouscustomcycles we all killed it . This is one of the most Amazing innovate bikes I've ever built . Steve Schuller , Mike M , Mike P , Mike T , Colton we all make an unstoppable Team . Thx Everyone !! #Electricdoublehubbless #zero #0-60mph1.9 sec #allaluminum

Objavljuje Ballistic Cycles u Srijeda, 11. ožujka 2020.

We hope that you will support this project and check out the build on Ballistic Cycles Facebook page! Custom chopper motorcycle design companies are having a hard time with their customers making transition from Gas to electric. Choppers are recognizable through their sound, and probably around 50% of the people are still like ” Yeah but where is the sound in your electric chopper?” Choppers are about freedom of riding as well, and taking your soul to the road. To hear all the sounds on the road is bigger pleasure than just making noise by your bike. We all know that powerful electric engines actually do produce the “tornado like” sound, but newbies not so much!

It is up to us EvNerds readers and EV lovers to show appreciation and support the projects like this!

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