GLORIA electric motorcycles are fashionable answer to Emoto Trends

When Street Fashion meets electric motorcycle Industry


Gloria electric motorcycle company is a part of “Jambon-Beurre” company. Their vision for electric motorcycles in France is innovative as their business plan.


What is the business model behind the new company?


After 4 years running “Jambon-Beurre” Custom Motorcycle Workshop, we realized that motorcycle market had to be changed.

gloria electric motorcycles (2)Why do we have 60% women customers instead of 13% for French Market?

Why had 90% of our customers never own a motorcycle before?

Why are they paying 50% more than a regular brand new bike for our services?

Why do we have more Instagram followers than some Industrial Worldwide Motorcycle Manufacturers?

gloria-electric-motorcycles-​Then we realized that the answer was quite simple:

​”Because we are in 2018, and motorcycle market is still working like 30 years ago !”

​GLORIA is not just another ugly bike where a pair of geeks decided to implant a washing machine motor and told their friends “we are changing the world!!”

​No, GLORIA is a true revolution. Reinventing the motorcycle market from production to customer.

​Inspired by the DNVB business model, GLORIA is a fully customizable electric motorcycle drivable with a car license. – GLORIA FACTORY

We do agree with those opinions. Especially about giving electric motorcycles possibility to change the style and offer more customization options. This is something that EVE.BIKES are doing with Sur Ron Light Bee styling options.

GLORIA electric motorcycle first prototype

Goals were crystal clear:

​- Testing technology in the street

​- Testing people’s reaction facing an Electric motorcycle that looks like everything but an electric motorcycle!

​Built in only 4 months, this vintage based electric motorcycle lays on GLORIA’s spirit:

​Unusual design mixing vintage shapes, futuristic equipment, and street fashion trends.

The reaction has been so good, that making an industrial version was a must.- GLORIA FACTORY

Gloria electric motorcycle teaser images

If Gloria electric motorcycles pull this off and make at least 4 versions of these bikes, they are going to blow the EU electric motorcycle competition scene! This is an ambitious project, and we are looking forward seeing if they can do it, and what will the end consumer price be. Remember, their prototype bike was built in 4 months, so maybe they’ve got enough juice to really push the EU electric motorcycle market forward


Check out new GLORIA FACTORY electric motorcycle website

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