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Gowow ORI Electric Dirt Bike – Soon on Indiegogo?

Gowow ORI is a new exciting electric dirt bike from a Gowow company in China. Gowows website is still in the works, so all information in article we wrote is internet hearsay until we hear back from Gowow.

UPDATE 24.8.2022.

We did hear from Gowow. So happy we were wrong. The specs are amazing. Battery is bigger.! Check it out:

Battery is 2,8 kWh! ( we were wrong ), 9 kW peak power motor, 3,5 h charging time.

We have a 2023. winner if distributor price stay the 6990$ in dealer shops!

What do we THINK we know about Gowow ORI Electric Dirt Bike?

  • Powerful ( for a small electric dirt bike )

Gowow specs that we have right now do not offer much proof what is under the hood:

Speed:100 Km/h

Range: 100 Km ( 25 Km/h speed )

Torque: 420 Nm

Since there is no information available about exact battery capacity and electric motor power, we would say that the motor should have peak power of around 8 – 11 kW and a battery of at least 1,9 kWh to have the specs mentioned here. We will have to wait for the correct info!

Gowow ORI electric bike Motor tourque number is probably correct because the chain reduction going from the central motor to the wheel looks big enough, and there is space inside the motorbike shell for primary reduction! Sur-ron Light-bee has a similar chain-ring on the rear wheel and with its reduction ( 1:7,6 ), it achieves 320 Nm.

Therefore, the central motor used in ORI should have about 15% – 20% more torque before the reduction and that is very much possible. Remember, these are just our thoughts, these are not correct or confirmed specs!

The battery looks legit, but we will be surprised if overall capacity is more than 2 kWh based on the image we have. We would be happy to be wrong! The aluminum shell battery features LEDs that show capacity even when the bike is turned off, and a waterproof connectors.

  • SMART Electric Dirt Bike

Gowow calls their bike on Facebook groups: “Smart all-terrain dirt electric bike”. Therefore, there has to be at least a CAN protocol or an exchange of information between the controller, battery, and display.

Gowow ORI electric dirtbike dashboard display

Translated from Chinese: “ORI adopts the automative-grade CAN communication system and combines multiple control algorithms such as FOC, MTPA, FW. With these systems, the bike can achieve a high level of sensitive and precise customization of how this electric dirt bike performs.

  • Design and Size

Sleek lines and minimalist design remind us of Kalk Cake electric dirt bike. We expect quality build here, even tho this is the first electric dirt bike from this company, so it will be interesting to see the assembly plant and who is manufacturing it.

Dirt bike size is something we are waiting to see. Sur-Ron Light-bee is a perfect commuter, but if you ask any Sur-Ron rider: Would you like it to be 10% higher, longer, etc..? All would say yes since Light-bee is best for smaller riders ( still do not understand why Sur-Ron never addressed this and updated the original Light Bee, but that’s another story).

We will wait to see the geometry design, seat height, ORI dirt bike length, front and rear shock travel, and wheel size until we can recommend it to Americans or European riders!

gowow ori

gowow ori electric dirt bike

  • Price and distribution

To our understanding, the suggested retail price will be 6990$, but there will be a world premier on Indiegogo where the first 100 bikes will go for 5500$.

On Gowow Instagram, there are a bunch of dealers mentioned as general distributors so pushing a bike to the customers should not be a problem. The only thing that can mess up the plans are COVID, Logistic problems, and all currency-related problems with Inflation. We hope for 2023. will be better than this year!

Gowow ORI Conclusion

We cannot say if the price is competitive or not, as we are waiting for technical specifications ourselves. We can see that light electric moped class and light electric dirt-bikes are doing good on markets in the EU and USA. To succeed in Europe, Gowow will need to make a homologated version of Gowow ORI like Sur-ron and Caofen did with their bikes.

We hope to get more information about ORI soon, and when we do; we will share it with you!

Information in this article has been taken from Gowow Facebook page and the Internet. This article is only EvNerds opinion on what Gowow ORI could be since technical information about ORI is secret still! We will publish a new article after the Gowow goes public on Indiegogo and confirm the specs! All images used in this article are from Gowow

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