Incredible Vazar Dux electric motorcycle prototype for sale for only 3500 USD

Made by incredible hands of Nurgalin Ruslan Rimovich

Sometimes we run into DIY electric motorcycle projects on the internet that didn’t get the appropriate MEDIA attention. Before you start reading this, we ask all of you to SHARE this article, or any Authors images (with credit to Nurgalin Ruslan Rimovich) from his or our social networks. EvNerds is not only an online magazine; but a place for DIY electric motorcycle builders to call their own. This electric motorcycle called DUX is on SALE as a fully functional PROTOTYPE! So contact the owner if you need it! 

Vazar Dux electric motorcycle by Nurgalin Ruslan Rimovich


Hello, my name is Ruslan Nurgalin to me 29 years old and I’m the creator of this bike.

The name of the model was invented a long time ago, DUX (the leader from lat.) First, there were two months of designing 3D models, a new frame, frame (body and controller), a saddle and a tail.

FIRST ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE SKETCH The sketch of the electric motorcycle was drawn in pencil in the winter of 2017, a year later in January 2018 there was nothing to do on holidays, and I firmly decided to create it.

After another two months of my manual labor, the 3d printer work and the design of the remaining body kit was made.


diy-electric-MOTORCYCLE BODY

I already had a 3d printer for plastic parts for the electric motorcycle. A large table, a good extruder for only $ 600. Many parts have been glued together, due to the complex shape or dimensions larger than the print space of my printer.

The first half of the electric motorcycle covers was not easy to make or print. Despite a large number of separate details of the covers, the second half of the covers were printed without any flaws

DIY custom headlights

For the lights, there is a separate 12-volt battery with 10-ampere hours. All lights can work non-stop for about 8 hours.

Headlights immediately took a helmet-like-form with inspiration from sniper trooper (Star Wars) and it was painted 5 times.


The motorcycle has a lithium battery with 72 volts, 32 Ah. The motor is rated at 3,000 Watts. Weight about 55 kg. Dynamics of acceleration in terms of torque is similar to cars that have 180-200 hp. Approximately at the beginning of June, the electric motorcycle was completely ready.

increddible dux electric motorcycle
incredible dux electric motorcycle

The top speed is 77 km / h. The range ranges from 50 to 180 km, depending on the speed of the trip and the road.

dux electric motorcycle
dux electric motorcycle

The weight of the rider should be no more than 100 kg. For riders weighing 80-100 kg, it is necessary to put a rear shock absorber with a spring.

The cost price only on materials and components I consider high, 3 500 dollars without the time and engineering efforts.

Finally a video of DUX in action#ElectricMotorcycle made by engineer Nurgalin Ruslan Rimovich!

Objavljuje EvNerds u Ponedjeljak, 30. srpnja 2018.

As for the serial production, of course, I dream about it and I want it, but this requires a very serious investment. For the frame, it’s press stamps, and for plastic molds that cost a lot of money. In order to make them, it is necessary to build about 10 more prototypes with each at once improving the practicality of a bike, for people of different weight and hight, etc. For large-scale production, high demand is needed in addition to quality. Low price with maintaining good quality is possible only with a large series. My subjective opinion is that in Russia the plant of electric motorcycles is a utopia for many reasons. The future of this electric motorcycle is somewhere in other countries where the climate is better and the purchasing power is higher.

The motorcycle is located in the city of Perm, Russia.
I’m ready to sell this bike for $ 3,500, what did I earn? I have already earned new knowledge and experience for a new electric motorcycle.

Go check out Authors Instagram and contact him there if you want it

Nurgalin Ruslan Rimovich previous electric bikes and his history

My friend tried to convince me to build an electric bike with him. I had no interest in his idea when I heard the word: electric + bikes. 5 months later he gave me a ride on his new bike. It was scary, batteries on the frame, a bunch of wires in the center of the frame, etc. But … this almost silent, electric bike …just drove me crazy, I did not want to get off it!

Electric bikes took over me completely, but I was concerned about the appearance. As a result, from 2012 to 2017, I was released more than 70 frames of three different models. The first was the test, but Vazar Pulsus (LED on Latin) And Vazar Akuma (immortal on Japanese) went to the series.

Test electric bike

Vazar Pulsus electric bike


Vazar Akuma electric bike


Authors Instagram

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disclaimer: this text may contain wrong information since it was written in limited English

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