Insane Firefighting Custom Electric Moped

Custom PATAGENI electric moped is made by DOG SHELTER GARAGE from Indonesia, and we wrote about this emoto before. They sent us new pictures and text info about the finished version of this mobile fire-fighting machine.


dog shelter electric moped
PATIGENI (Pateni Geni) is a name in Javanese script that means “Deadly Fire”. The naming is not without reason, the main function of this moped is to be a small “Fire Department” tool. It has a simple custom body design so that it can be easily stored in the building or even at home.

The overall body is quite small, PATIGENI can explore each floor of the building with an elevator. It can be placed in the corner of the building as a security measure. The uniqueness of Patigeni is the 3 kg Fire Tube embedded directly in the body of the electric bike.

custom electric moped
Fire extinguisher specification type: Dry Chemical Powder with class ABC (wood, plastic, rubber, paper, oil, diesel, gasoline, and electricity) which is the standard for office and home extinguishers.
Using a fire extinguisher is very easy because PATIGENI is equipped with a lever located in the electric motorcycle body.

Just pull the lever without having to remove the fire extinguisher first. PATIGENI IS equipped with lighting lights in front and sirens in the back.

Technical specifications

Battery and motor specifications: 48 volts 12 AH 500 Watt

Range: up to 35 km, it is expected ” PATIGENI ” can reach the fire point in housing and every corner of the building.

Rims: 14-inch with 2.50 tires

Patigeni is expected to be the cost effective solution for first aid in the fire business. Especially for office buildings, factories, restaurants, housing / densely populated settlements, and other public places.

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