Looking back at H-Ker Electric Cafe Racer motorcycle

H-ker Electric Cafe Racer was made in France by H-KER SAS company. In 2013. the company made a very well balanced electric cafe racer motorcycle that was produced in 5-10 pcs. They had full production ready, but eventually they failed to make their mark in electric motorcycle production history. EvNerds magazine was not born in that timeline, but we feel obligated to show you guys this model that deserves respect from EV World.


H-Ker Electric Cafe Racer has 140 km (87 miles) range on a full charge, with the 35 hp, 88.2 Nm (65 lb-ft) torque motor ( ETEK ) capable of delivering solid adventures on the road, especially as the bike only weighs in at 160 km (353 lbs). Back then, the bikes cost was 16.900 euros. Today electric motorcycle models pack similar specs for a fraction of that cost. Bikes like Super Soco or the upcoming Fly Free Cafe Racer. With limited electric motorcycles on the market in 2013., the cost was not an issue.

cafe racer electric motorcycle
H-ker prototype picture. Big battery + two reductions ( primary belt reduction + the chain reduction from electric motor to the rear wheel on the other side
etek motor cooling
Etek motor cooling element and reduction setup
primary reduction
primary electric motor reduction

performance testing

Zooming a little will show you ETEK motor used as a mid-drive motor

cafe electric motorcycle

H-KER cafe racer electric motorcycle picture with Paris in the background

After this first model, H-Ker company made a Sport electric motorcycle setup with where they increased the power two times, and a small formula car.

H-KER electric motorcycle SPORT VERSION
H-KER electric motorcycle SPORT VERSION

H-KER electric formula drivetrain

Kudos to H-ker team and all they did in 2012.-2014. Hope you continue your electric vehicle journey in 2019.

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