LMX 161 Scrambler Electric Motorcycle for Off-Road and City Riding

LXM 161 scrambler is a custom culture interpretation of the LMX 161 motorcycle, designed for off-road and city riding.

This custom scrambler build keeps the off-road aesthetics but adds some street custom elements, like dual headlights and a rear rack with leather bags to keep personal items with you on the ride.

Front and rear wheels are 19” and equipped with Michelin dual sport tires. The fork offset is optimized for slow speed handling when splitting lanes or tight singletracks.

The bike is equipped with powerful dipped beam and full beam LED headlights also found on Dakar rally bikes.

The license plate holder is a custom matte black anodized part to keep it stealth.

Power delivery and maximum speed have been tuned for road use, with a top speed of 70km/h and peak power of 10kw

The battery is similar to the 161-H battery, but custom built with high energy cells for 2kwh of available energy, and a city range of 75km.

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