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Miki Ohyanagi Electric Trike motorcycle

Japan rules!

Miki Ohyanagi made Electric Trike motorcycle that he calls X-TRED

X-TRED #電気バイク #リバーストライク #electricbike #trike

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Due to Language Barrier, we are unsure of all components that he uses, but one thing is certain: It is Electric, It goes through the dirt like the knife through butter with those tires! The frame is custom built from Metal Tubes. The motor is brushless DC. Usually, that kind of motor dimension gives around 6 kW continuous and around 80 Nm on motor shaft (just a lucky guess, doesn’t mean we are right).

Hint: U can scroll left and right on instagram photos here

He seems to be using 24 or 36 FET viral controller like Xie Chang. Batteries are probably Lithium around 2Kwh

This seems to be an off-road electric trike that certainly looks good enough for larger production. We will continue to follow Miki Ohyanagi, and you can enjoy his latest photos of trike bellow

X-TRED #電気バイク #リバーストライク #electricbike #trike

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We wish we could say more about this guys, but this is it. Wanna know more, hit him up on Insta!

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