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Motoroid leaning electric motorcycle by Yamaha

Motorid leaning electric motorcycle by Yamaha is one of a kind

Motoroid leaning electric motorcycle by Yamaha

Yamaha leaning electric motorcycle MOTOROID is what we have been waiting for. The sickest motorcycle future at its best. Wild-looking MOTOROID with artificial intelligence that allows the machine to identify its owner and interact with them.

yamaha motoroid

The design is outstanding, the leaning is perfected. The MOTOROID controls by hand gestures is an awesome addition.This is the video from official reveal that shows motorcycle interacting functions, as well as leaning and self-balancing.


The Yamaha Motor Innovation Center was completed in December 2016 as the company’s new base for design. In a practice unlike anything before at Yamaha, designers and engineers gather together in the same studios to work collectively on developing the next generation of Yamaha products. This collaborative effort to think outside the box and cross the boundaries of their individual specialties helps breed new and exciting advances in innovation, with designers sometimes proposing ideas for vehicle frames and mechanisms, or the engineers giving even deeper thought to the beauty of the final product’s finish.

Yamaha team working on motoroid

yamaha motoroid

Concept MOTORID sketches

yamaha motoroid

yamaha motoroid

yamaha motoroid


How the leaning mode was made

  1. Control Unit It is the foundation for integrated control of “MOTOROiD”. Integrated control of information from image recognition AI, vehicle information obtained by IMU, and other information. By high-speed arithmetic processing, we send orders to the entire vehicle such as steer-by-wire (electronic control front wheel steering), side stand, powertrain, HMI as well as AMCES.
  2. “IMU” (Inertial Measurement Unit) arranged near the head pipe detects the inclination of the vehicle. This IMU consists of a gyro sensor that detects the axis rotation motion and a G sensor (acceleration sensor) that detects the acceleration in each direction. Information from the IMU will be sent to the main integration infrastructure with an accuracy of less than 1 / 2000th of a second.
  3. The actuator that receives the command from the main integrated platform rotates the AMCES axis with high accuracy and controls the center of gravity. “MOTOROiD” has not only control of the AMCES axis but also various large and small actuators.

YAMAHA Had the balls to make a big goal to achieve, and they did it. Their finished product is exactly as 3d renders, and EvNerds Magazine is sure that this will be the most wanted Motorcycle ever if it makes to stores


yamaha motoroid

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