MXR is an artrageous electric dirt bike imagined by ovaobike company in Taiwan. This machine is powered by an electric motor that produces 5.7 kW continuous and 11 kW of peak power. Ovaobike MXR sits somewhere in between Sur-Ron Light Bee and Sur-Ron STORM BEE in dimensions and power. The torque on the motor shaft is 32 Nm, and since we do not know exactly the reduction ratio to the rear wheel, we think that overall torque could be between 230- 320 Nm – but this remains to be seen when ovaobike releases more information.

EICMA Picture Copyright: EvNerds 2021.
EICMA Picture Copyright: EvNerds 2021.

MXR Speed and Range – ovaobike

The speed is 100 Km/h, and there will be no homologated version for the road! If you drive this bike as slow as a turtle ( 30 Km/h ) on a straight path, you would get 150 Km of range with a 4,8 kWh battery pack. In the real world with mixed driving, this would translate to 90 – 100 Km of fun! Remember that Light bee has only a 1,92 kWh battery ( 60V 32 Ah) and the range is about 60 – 65 Km if it’s not full throttle all the time.

This bike’s parts are full moto parts and MXR is more comparable to STORM BEE in terms of how it is equipped. Ovaobike MXR uses a 38MM ( diameter ) inverted front fork, a 300 mm travel rear shock with adjustable preload and adjustable rebound damping; the brakes are Japanese NISSIN front dual-piston calipers with 240MM disc, and rear dual-piston calipers with 220MM disc. Dirt bike is equipped with LCD liquid crystal instrument and keyless start!

Ovaobike nailed the market with this model since LB users are searching for more power and moto components rather than bicycle components on a light electric dirt bike. The weight of MXR with a battery pack is 110 Kg.
New MXR is bigger than a light bee with a seat height of 930mm and it will not require seat extensions for bigger riders like the LB does. The bike’s dimensions are perfectly balanced for bigger and smaller riders and the design is sick. The 2019. design was remade, and now it looks a lot more mature! We just wish to see more color options for the body.

BEFORE / AFTER  ovaobike MXR Electric Dirt Bike

MXR from 2019.

Article about 2019. MXR is here if anybody has interest to read it.

mxr ovaobike electric dirt bike
2021. ovaobike MXR

The MXR mid-motor does not really care about 11 kW peaks since water-cooling system on controller and the motor takes care of the heat!

For more information about the future of this bike, check out the ovaobike website that will be updated as soon as the production of this models starts. If you are wondering what will the price be, we are wondering as well!

Until next time, stay safe and wear a helmet!

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