MYBRO Wild Electric Race Motorcycle

MYBRO is Ukraine electric motorcycle company. MYBRO started showing their first electric motorcycles in May 2017. Our news partner electric motorcycle news writes about history and MYBRO founders here.

mybro electric motorcycle

After getting the MYBRO electric motorcycles to Ukraine and Russian motorcycle stores; MYBRO team is now moving to the racetracks to put their EV work and passion to the highest possible challenge.

The meaning of this race for them is promotion of electric motorcycles industry. In the words of MYBRO team: It is time to end the Petrol Dinosaur industry

The First Racetrack ready MYBRO electric motorcycle

MYBRO electric motorcycle


This project is 95% synergy of enthusiasm, adventurism, and persistence of various people with different skills in our company. We know for sure that our knowledge, skills and technical solutions are more than enough to become Number 1. We crave sports victories, we believe in competition and we promise to be ruthless towards competitors.-MYBRO


This wild looking electric motorbike is being developed in Odessa, Ukraine. The prototype is built upon Honda CBR RR frame. MYBRO team has their own new frame for the second prototype, but Honda frame will serve its purpose for a test drive and 15 minutes races.

The team is attending two races: UA Riders Cup and SBK UA

There will be road ready electric motorcycle built based on this electric motorcycle. MYBRO plans to make EU homologation as well.

MYBRO electric motorbike prototype pictures

Some of the interesting details:

Complete motorbike weight: 172 kg
Torque on the shaft: 210 N/m
The weight of electric motor: 38 kg
Engine power: 45 kW
The unique combined winding system keeps the windings and electric motor below 60 degrees

mybro electric motorbike motor

We will publish new details on this electric motorbike as soon as we hear something new!

MYBRO previous electric motorbikes with QS hub motors

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Objavljuje MYBRO u Srijeda, 30. svibnja 2018.

Электро-утроЗаряженного всем дня!#mybromoto #mybromotorcycle #motoe #electricmotorcycle #electricmotorcyclesnews…

Objavljuje MYBROSrijeda, 27. lipnja 2018.

MYBRO DPOnly one left! Take time to pick up!#mybromoto #mybromotorcycle

Objavljuje MYBRO u Četvrtak, 26. travnja 2018.


You wish to know more about MYBRO? Go here and Google Translate the hell out of this webpage. Or you can just check out the mentioned Electric Motorcycles News article here

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