NEW 2019 SUR RON SuperMoto electric motorcycle !

As a new star of the two-wheel electric motorcycle industry, Sur-Ron has been working hard to bring high-end, high-performance electric bikes to the riders worldwide.

Since the first LIGHT BEE bike got into the electric motorcycle market, it’s received excellent reviews worldwide from people who enjoy riding the LIGHT BEE and electric vehicle communities. Almost 2 years after that, a new surprise from Sur-Ron! The new big Supermoto electric motorcycle has been spotted with SUR-RON logo.


SUR-RON SPY SHOTS & VIDEO reveal a full-size electric off-road bike with Sur-Ron’s logo doing test runs in an industrial park in Chongqing. From the spy shot, we can see the estimated stroke of the front fork may be about 300mm, and the performance should be up to the professional EMX off-road bike standard.

sur ron big 2019 emx bike

On this picture, we can see ABS mounted on the front and rear brakes. In fact, for the off-road bike, not too many have ABS. With ABS, the safety is enormously enhanced during the riding. The headlight looks like LED headlight. We also found the License plate bracket, that means this bike may have the road-legal version available. Can’t wait for this road-legal Enduro, Super Motor version!

new SUR-RON supermoto

The design style of the motor, battery, controller, seems to be similar to LIGHT BEE, the battery is mounted inside of the frame horizontally.


NEW 2019 Sur-Ron SUPERMOTO Electric Motorcycle

NEW 2019 Sur-Ron SUPERMOTO Electric Motorcycle SPY SHOTS AND INFO ON LINK:

Objavljuje EvNerds u Utorak, 13. kolovoza 2019.

If we compare the proportion of the rider’s body, we can see that the size of the new bike’s battery is much bigger than LIGHT BEE’s battery, therefore, the range of this new bike will be better.

The motor looks similar to LIGHT BEE’s motor, but a bigger size with the gearbox.

sur ron EMX

The controller is mounted between the battery and motor so the center-of-gravity is in the middle of the bike just like on Light Bee. This will enable the bike to have better maneuverability and flexibility.

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