NEW Scrambler Electric Motorcycle by Fly Free Smart Motorcycles

New Electric Scrambler motorcycle has been spotted on Instagram, and we are first to tell you all we know about it!

The company that goes by the name of Fly Free Smart Motorcycles has been making this classic designed electric Scrambler for months. The design is without any unnecessary details like the original Scramblers were intended to be!

With help from fantastic and incredible young designer Maksim Ponomarev, Fly Free Smart motorcycles have created this vintage electric time machine.

First electric Scrambler sketch by Maxim Ponomarev

Electric Scrambler 3d render by Maxim Ponomarev

We will all have to wait for specifications, but the main concept is here; the mid-drive electric motor in the frame connected to the rear wheel. This bike will probably pack a large battery in that frame space and fake tank.

Large classic seat made in leather contributes to this bikes elegance

First electric Scrambler prototype

Smart Desert This was our first prototype, where it all started. Until recently, electric power in transit are projects for the future. An evolutionary technology. Today, you can ride an electric motorcycle, bought for the price of a regular motorcycle and with enough autonomy for a good ride. This extra plug in the garage, who would say, can be your source of economy. #flyfree #flyfreesmart #PastandFuturetogether #electricmotorcycle #electricmotorcyclesnews #electriclicius #caferacer #scrambler #rideelectric

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Second electric Scrambler Prototype

electric scrambler prototype

Fly Free Smart latest images on Instagram reveal that the bike is now finished and in the street testing phase

Check out Fly Free Smart bikes periodically, until they put something new on their webpage.

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