ONYX electric Motorbikes teaser for Indiegogo

Early specs for Onyx motorbikes are here. We are very proud of ONYX motorbikes video introduction for their electric motorbikes and this is why:

Ever since “ELECTRIC VEHICLE REVOLUTION” started there were 3 things you could hear in almost all video campaigns and media for new Electric Vehicle Projects:

1. The fastest, the biggest, the blabla electric motorbike

2. The most innovative, the cheapest blabla electric motorbike

3. Patented electric motor, patented design, everything patented motorbike blah blah blah…


Since we are in the media business, we hear this things all the time. What we like about this video is pure marketing different that what we are used to.

1. Bikes are shown in USA landscape with retrofuturistic feeling to it, with nice vintage colors.

2. The story behind the video is not telling us that we are looking at the future. The story is showing just a delightful feeling of the ride. The pleasure of ride is what is important. Sort of what Harley Davidson video commercials were all about back in the daysonyx electric motorbike

3. It’s an easy storyline. The girl and the boy go to adventure together and just enjoy the thrill of the ride.onyx electric motorbikes

This campaign will be successful since its different, and it’s not trying to be something that it is not. It’s simple, beautiful idea. It was a pleasure watching this video and ONYX electric motorbike in this landscape.

See the video and be the judge yourself

Indiegogo link

What do you think?


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