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Ottobike group promises holographic dashboard on EICMA 2022.

Press release

Ottobike is pushing the limits again with holographic display development for their electric motorcycles. Published article is ottobike group press release!

Officially Bounded! The Gold Tech is now on board with the Green

An agreement on the development of a holographic dashboard was signed between ottobike Group ( owners of ovaobike brand ) and Gold Diamond Power Technology (GDP Tech) on July 11, 2022. The General Manager of ottobike Group, Jerry Hsu, along with the Chairman of GDP Tech, David Hsu, officially kicked off the cross-industry cooperation in the ceremony.

ovaobike holographic display
New Taipei City, Taiwan / ottobike Group & GDP Tech established a cooperative relationship

The integration of holographic dashboard will be realized on ottobike Group’s future products. The rider no longer needs to wear special devices, the 3D holographic technology directly combines the virtual and real world and projects the holographic dashboard into thin air. Without the limitation of the entity frame, personalization designs and the diversity of visualization could be presented in various ways with any will, any shape. Flexibility in showing information also leads to unlimited expandable entertaining functions (Audio-visual function/driving dashboard/navigation system/video call…etc.) It will provide riders a more intuitive and intimate riding experience. ottobike Group will lead the riders glide between dimensions through the edgy ride.

electric motorcycle holographic dASHBOARD
Schematic Diagram of the holographic dashboard

Jerry Hsu expressed that by introducing the holographic dashboard onto vehicles, the consumers will see, touch, and feel the cutting-edge technology. ottobike Group is going to surprise the public again this year at the 2022 EICMA show in November.

EvNerds opinion: Each year ottobike comes out with something new and exciting, and they are known for pushing boundaries. On EICMA 2021. ovaobike showed up with a tasty, cool, and eccentric electric motorcycle line-up: MXROvaobike CR-21 Cafe Racer  CT-X Electric Scooter. If somebody is up to the task of making a fully featured holographic dashboard for EICMA 2022., then our friends from Taiwan are!

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