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Ovaobike CR-21 Cafe Racer – Electric Motorcycle

Extraordinary CR-21 fully electric motorcycle from ovaobike is designed to interpret futuristic cafe racer spirit with enough power and torque to satisfy drivers who need highway performance. CR-21 electric cafe racer has a 5,7 kW motor that maxes out on 11 kW peak power with juice from a 9,6 kWh battery.

ovaobike electric cafe racer
ovaobike on EICMA 2021. / Copyright: EvNerds 2021.

The torque on the rear wheel ( 279 Nm ) will be enough to keep entertaining us with swift response up to 130 Km/h in TURBO mode. The measured range on 50 Km/h speed is 230 Km. The bike comes with an onboard charger of 1,2 kW.

ovaobike cr-21
picture copyright: EvNerds 2021.

ovaobike CR-21 = quality

CR-21 electric motorbikes from ovaobike scream incredible detailed design and quality. It’s no surprise since most of the parts if not all are built by VPIC company that produces parts for Harley Davidson and Ducati motorcycles.

cr-21 electric cafe racer from ovaobike
picture copyright: EvNerds 2021.

We said it before, and we will say it again: We can talk numbers, we can talk power, but if we start talking about quality there is no competition out there in putting so much effort into details and finishing touches on electric motorbikes. The quality we are talking about is the quality many drivers of famous brands like Yamaha, BMW are used to and take that for granted.

picture copyright: EvNerds 2021.

Nothing we tried before compares to the MCR motors quality that we have on the review right now.

ovaobike cafe racer
picture copyright: EvNerds 2021.

ovaobike Cafe Racer build is based on MCR line

This electric cafe racer is no different than the MCR brothers when it comes to build quality, they share the same modular frame and battery with a water-cooled controller and motor but with 17-inch wheels. The new feature is the new cool round display and different posture you will have on the bike since it’s cafe racer inspired.

ovaobike display
picture copyright: EvNerds 2021.
picture copyright: EvNerds 2021. – Mislav showing the right posture on the bike

Electric Cafe Racer Technical numbers

electric cafe race cr-21 numbers

cr 21 cafe racer ovaobike

There’s Brembo, there’s ovaobike signature extravagant lines, and plenty of electronics proven and taken from MCR production models. The battery is custom made, the motors are in-house design, controllers are built from scratch, the display is built from scratch, the dashboard and software are original ovaobike design. Every single bit of this bike is built by engineers on Taiwan, and there are almost no ready-made parts used on this bike.

front headlight cafe racer ovaobike
picture copyright: EvNerds 2021.

Our favorite thing here has to be the new 17 inch wheels, ultra cool front headlight and the all-round finishing touches on the body and the proven modular frame used to make most of ovaobike models.

picture copyright: EvNerds 2021.

Check out news and information about ovaobike production models on their website and Instagram

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