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Patent for pairing two electric motor drives on the same electric vehicle

An Inventor Artem Sokol just invented a system for pairing two or more electric motors on the same vehicle that can work together or independently with different reduction level. To prove his concept, he built an electric dirt bike and made a video about it.

Usually, two identical electric motors on the same electric vehicle setup cause many headaches for any EV builder. One has to be very careful when choosing components, mounting the motors on the same shaft or drivetrain, programming two controllers to work together and many other things. Most electric vehicle companies try to avoid this kind of setups when making mid-drives by using one larger motor to handle more power. In the early days of Endless Sphere forum, there have been many cool examples of identical electric motors used as one mid-drive. One of those examples is an electric bike built with 2 Astro motors by a guy that goes by the nick: Recumpence ( Original ES thread is here)

Recumpence twin Astro motor electric bike

Artem Sokol and his smooth EV transmission

This is exactly what was written below the video:

This is an example of the application of a clutch for the transmission of rotation from several motors. Independent operation of each motor or collective. The bike has three speeds (working mode): 1) Low-Hard; 2)Fast; 3)Parallel-Very Strong. The switch is on the steering wheel. Switching is very smooth, like an automatic transmission. Reduction of first motor 1:10, Reduction of second motor 1:5. The invention is patented.

Because Artems Youtube video does not explain all 100%, see the video for yourself and comment on our Facebook page about what do you think of the system?

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