Regent Motorcycles are Old School Electric Motorbike Company from Sweden

Making an electric motorcycle with vintage looks is a very profitable business! Well, not always in form of money. Sometimes it is all the followers a company gets by making something with classic historic design, media attention or investor attraction. We all have a part of our heart reserved for old school frames and bikes that made the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s great! If the motorcycle is based on the donor frame, or it is totally built from ground up it doesn’t matter; Cafe racers and vintage styled motorcycles are the talk of 2018./2019. in all internet media.

Regent Motorcycles are well aware of this recipe. They design classic electric motorbikes based in Sweden.

This is what Regent Motorcycles say about their CLASSIC ELECTRIC MOTORBIKE

YES, ITS AN ELECTRICAL BIKE and we don’t need to tell you what comes along with that with regards to sustainability, a clean conscience, easy charging, and absolutely, positively zero maintenance. So if you’re hard into leaking fluids, clogged filters and planet-destroying, look elsewhere.

Let’s instead talk about THE RIDING EXPERIENCE. Well, hop on, push a button, ride. As simple as that. Then you’re off to wherever and whatever thanks to one moving part delivering killer torque and smooth acceleration in total silence from the get-go.- REGENT MOTORCYCLES

Classic Regent Motorbike Specs

regent-electric-motorbikesRange: 150 km
Battery: 72V – 80Ah
Power: 15–30 Hp
Top speed: 135 km/h
Dry weight: 130 kg
Steel chassis
Telescope Forks
Dual Shocks
Disc brakes with ABS
18′′ spoke wheels
LED lights
Alarm (GPS pos.)
Maintenance-free hub motor, Accident alarm from Detect, Digital Touch Infotainment, Regenerating brakes, Active Safety System, Built-in GPS.

The price has not yet been set for this historic electric motorbikes, but we are happy to say that we have some build pics and videos from Regent motorcycles Instagram!

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Frame prototype 1 #caferacer #weldporn #welding

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There is no job like welding

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First?mounting in regent no1 #caferacer #electricmotorcycle #honda @ridecake #welding #husqvarna #triumph #royalenfield

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No exact specs are given, but this battery is large enough for stated specs

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First spin #electricmotorcycle #electricmotor

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QS 273 brushless electric motor mayhem

Hm, will i have money to afford this classic little monster?

electric motorbike classic

classic electric motorbike

Follow Regent Classic Electric Motrbikes here , and do not forget to look at their fancy little website

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