RMK Electric Motorcycle company E2 hubless electric motorbike

RMK Vehicles electric motorcycle company with lead designer Teemu Saukkio is going forward with production and homologation process for their new 50 kW bike.

Teemu Saukkio shocked with response towards his first DIY Emoto build, he opened RMK company with partners and went ALL IN to work 100% on new electric vehicles all day long.

Teemu Saukkio and his first electric motorcycle

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didnt win anything. ?

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Carefully planned, RMK Vehicles are slowly preparing for prototype production.Teemu sent this images to us.



Hubless electric motorcycle specifications:

The motor is going to produce 50kw
The voltage of the drive train is 120v ish                                                                           We will be using 18650 cell lithium ion cells
Torque is calculated to be 320 Nm and that’s not off the line torque.
We are estimating the range to be 200-300 km whit the basic battery setup. but changing the cell type it can be raised higher.
It has the top speed of 160km/h its been limited to that to make everyone life easier?
The bike itself is a bastard child of a naked sportbike and wide handlebar Harley Davidson kind of bike. it looks like its a sports bike but it is not.
The frame is made of aluminum and the seat frame is steel tube and sheet metal construction.
We are aiming for mass production and it will start after we get the EU type approval for it.- Teemu Saukkio

Interesting thing is that Teemu just filled patent for rear hubless electric motor.

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Incredible new Electric motorcycle BLDC motor in new RMK motorcycle Check out: @rmkdoesstuff @ebike_eu @evnerds

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The design is his own, manufactured with partners from Finland.

More from the website:

RMK Vehicle Corporation is a new Finnish company and a motorcycle manufacturer.

We will launch our first model E2 during this year (2018). At the MP 19 Motorcycle Show in Helsinki, Finland, we will release the E2 series production version.

E2 series production version


The E2 is an aluminium frame electric motorcycle. Its modern design stretches the limits of a traditional motorcycle design.

The E2’s operating range on a single charge is 200-300 km. It takes 2-3 hours to fully charge an empty battery. It is possible to purchase E2 with two different types of batteries. The basic model is rated for 200 km and the bit more expensive model for 300 km on a single charge.

The E2 is equipped with a non-centered rim. The integrated electronic motor has been designed into the frame of a rim. The motor has a computational peak output of 50 kW and a torque of 320 Nm. The speed is limited to 160 km / h. We share pictures, videos, and more information on our websites and social media, because we believe that trust and transparency play a vital role in our business. The estimated price of the bike is 24 990 euros.

A large-scale manufacturing will begin after the EU type approval is granted. The first bikes are sold at a fixed price, pre-registered in Finland.

If you wish, you can reserve a motorcycle with a prepayment of EUR 2000. Motorcycles are delivered in the reservation order. You have a possibility to cancel your reservation and to have your prepayment repaid in full. At the beginning of deliveries, you will receive an e-mail with a more accurate delivery time and instructions on how to pay the final balance. Your prepayment is deducted from the total price of the bike. – RMK

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