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RMK Vehicles E2 electric motorcycle exclusive news

We got some fresh EV news about RMK vehicles and their new electric motorcycle E2 concept. Let us begin by saying that we are happy to be one of the first magazines that took RMK vehicles seriously and recognized the talented people behind the company. RMK vehicles sent us newest company updates and a small video teaser of bike assembly!

RMK Short Video Teaser of Final Prototype

Some fresh paint and finish – RMK E2

“We can finally assemble finished parts as we’re getting our Prototype #1 ready for display at the MP19 Motorcycle show in Helsinki. We wanted to make a short video, reflecting the excitement we all have. It’s an emotional moment finally seeing it in color after a whole lot of hard work. We’ll keep the rest hidden for a while, to keep it fresh for the show, starting February 1st.”


A big year ahead – RMK E2

“Right now, we are starting to accelerate our transition from a small team of highly talented individuals developing our first products, into a major player in all kinds of transportation. To make the first big steps on this long road possible, we are announcing our first financing round in Partnership with Privanet, opening 29th of January. More specific info will be provided closer to the official opening, but we are already open for discussions with interested parties.”

Privanet is Finnish investment service group that connects investors with companies looking for funding

Test and improve – RMK E2

“Entering the market with a boring average product is obviously NOT the way we do things. Instead, we have chosen to take the tough route to the market by developing a whole new kind of powertrain.

rim electric vehicle motor
Capable performance with a peak power of 50 kW and instant 320 Nm torque from standstill all the way to limited top speed of 160 km/h. Unsprung mass is comparable to a conventional setup but rotational mass is considerably smaller. Tire changes easily done with conventional tools.

This means we will massively accelerate our testing program after the MP19 show. Performance figures and features we’ve stated so far will be the absolute minimum we will settle for.

We aim to considerably surpass those goals and in some cases, we already have.”

Establish local manufacturing – RMK E2

“While carrying out our testing program, we are starting to build up manufacturing capacity. Our rapid pace in product development makes local production in our home country Finland the clear winner. We want to keep as much of our manufacturing close by. Announcements on specific locations and timelines will be made in the coming months.”

New cool friends – RMK E2

“We’re also announcing a partnership with Sa1nt, a super cool motorcycle gear and workwear manufacturer. Sa1nt will be joining us at our booth in MP19, along with some sweet samples of their motorcycle stuff. We are really excited about this partnership and look forward to growing our brand with them in the future. If you don’t know Sa1nt, check out their Instagram to see what they’re about. All I can say is they really are our kind of people.”

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RMK electric motorcycle UPDATE 01.02.2019.

from MP19 Motorcycle Show in Helsinki

“one of the largest available batteries…….allowing a real-world range of 200-300 km depending on riding style and conditions.” -RMK Motorcycles

RMK Electric Motorcycle E2 prototype in Helsinki. RMK UPDATED ARTICLE:

Objavljuje EvNerds u Petak, 1. veljače 2019.

According to RMK, the bike has 50 kW (67 hp) and a incredible 320 N of torque in awesome hubless electric rear wheel. Battery cell information is kept as a secret.





The RMK E2 bike design is unique, not driven by global trends in Electric Vehicle Market.

RMK vehicles dived into serious electric motorcycles adventure, making electric motorcycles hubless and fun. E2 prototype was a hard goal that RMK vehicles reached in almost a year. It is awesome to see Finland company doing hard work and getting other Finnish companies on board for future manufacturing of E2. We are waiting to see full REVEAL on Finnish MotoShow!
Check out full specs of E2 on RMK website

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