Robust MKIIIR electric motorcycle prototype

Robust MKIIIR electric motorcycle prototype

We are electric vehicles startup company in India, and we are creating an electric motorcycle that has high range, nice and clean design with performance to match (Located in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India).

robust electric vehicles motorcycle prototype
MKIIIR electric motorcycle prototype

Our Mission

We want to revolutionize the motorcycle industry by creating electric energy source vehicles to save the environment and deliver an experience of the premium range electric vehicles with longer ride/drive range to eliminate fossil fuel vehicles. We are willing to give our all to make this dream possible to make the world pollution free and electric.

electric motorcycle by robust vehicles

The Dream

We want to create a Robust community which can help us save the environment with the use of zero-emission vehicles so that the atmosphere is safe to breathe for all the living beings on earth.
All we need is to spread the knowledge about zero emission vehicles and start using them as soon as possible.


We are willing to reach more people worldwide so that they see our creation of an electric motorcycle and get to know us more. We are willing to take our electric vehicles to production level and commercialize them in the next year. We hope that this year we can start manufacturing our official product to deliver it to global market.

Work Phase

Robust is currently in development – R&D phase in which design & Performance has been getting better each and every day. Official design and specs will be released at the completion of production model this year soon.

rear view of electric motorcycles

We are not new in electric motorcycle industry. Before this prototype, we had a long learning curve on our previous  electric motorcycles:

MKIIIR – Electric Motorcycle Prototype

Product Prototype Name: MKIIIR – Electric Motorcycle Prototype.
Specifications: Well we have not released any details about it officially. But here is a ballpark for the production model.
Top speed : 200+ km/h or 125 +mph
Single charge range: 300+ km or 187+ miles
Robust Features: Riding modes like Eco, Highway, Sports, and Track will be introduced via touch display dashboard on the MKIIIR electric motorcycle for smooth and easy controls.
Other features like GPS Navigation, Biometric locking, Traction control, and performance control will be introduced in the production model.
Fast charging mode: 85% in 50 minutes with Robust Rapid charging tech. Full charge in 3 hours.

electric motorcycles ecology
Founding Team Members:
Ajay Panwar; Founder & CEO
Sanjay Soni; Co-founder & COO
Gulam Mohiyuddin; Co-founder & CTO
Shubham Jain; CDO

Company website

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