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Sentimental Custom E-bikes, Custom Electric Motorcycles and Frames!

Sentimental Custom Bikes use vintage historic lines in their engineering and design to make recognizable custom electric motorcycles, ebikes and frames. We went to see them for a second time this week to Zagreb Auto Show. We’ve got all the prices and performances of their sexy rubber eating machines. Before we go on with the story, let’s go back to Sentimental bikes history

photograph: Marko Bettini

Duško Ilijević (Sentimental bikes CEO) believes that in life people should do things that make them happy and fulfilled. Most of his working life he dedicated to working with children (being a preschool teacher, and Waldorf preschool teacher/pedagogue). Chasing his other passions he founded “SentiMental” – the company that, as he likes to say, puts a smile on your face and your dreams on wheels. What makes it work is very simple philosophy – WHATEVER HEAD THINKS OF, AND HEART DESIRES, HANDS CAN BUILD!


photograph: Marko Bettini

This right here is a walk-through the history of bikes in one custom electric motorcycle design. It is a combination of wooden detailing, aluminum, strong symmetrical lines and heavy geometric forms that all together make minimalistic Electric motorcycle look Stylish!

Electric motorcycle by Sentimental Bikes

Sentimental Bikes fast forward to electric motorcycle scene!#ELECTRICMOTORCYCLE #EMOTO #ELECTRICBIKE #CAFFERACER #OLDSCHOOL

Objavljuje EvNerds u 10. travnja 2018

This is what Sentimental bikes told us about their new prototype:

SentiMental is not here to sell you groundbreaking technology from the future… but we’ve taken the liberty to take ready-made awesome tech and wrap it in a carefully designed vintage package. Because that is what we’ve been doin’ for the last decade. During our ten years of experience, we‘ve created many full customs, unique means of private transportation, tailored to best suit our customer’s needs. We’ve helped those clients in extending their extraordinary sense of luxury lifestyle, in this cases, crafted only for them to enjoy. Now, with this EXPERIMENT that sensation is here for all of you to embrace and for us to offer to the world. Because we’ve «only» designed vintage moto racer inspired package around some awesome modern tech. Why? Because it is a package that sells… Duško Ilijević

The price for the basic model is 3.599 EURO. Top speed is 45 Km/h ( 1500 watt ), but it can be limited to the street-legal speed.


Objavljuje SentiMental Bikes12. travnja 2018

Batteries are located at the very bottom of the frame, which contributes to lowering the center of gravity and improving the driving characteristics.

photograph: Marko Bettini

The frame is made of steel, welded tubes, LED lights. On top tube, there is a “fake” reservoir with the key lock.

custom electric motorcycle

photograph: Marko Bettini

With one charge the motorcycle goes as high as 50 km, depending on the driving mode. The driver can take the battery and charge it at work. It has a handle and is designed as a cool old suitcase.

If you contact Sentimental bikes, you might get a deal for different motor/battery/color setup

2. Lamja Custom Cruiser Ebike

custom ebike
photograph: Marko Bettini

This cruiser & board track racer inspired ebike is a custom handmade creation that costs 3700 euros. It has a Magic pie hub motor in the rear wheel, custom Girder front fork, fat bike rims and tires, disc breaks and a nice vintage headlight / backlight. The ebike battery is located in “fake” gas tank. This bike is made out of steel and it cant take a ton of abuse. Depending how you ride it, It can take you as much as 60 Km.


photography: Marko Bettini

3. Sentimental bikes Ebike frames with 135 mm dropouts

Sentimental bikes have different frame designs. All of them cost around 250 Euro. Dropouts are wide enough for any rear hub motor or you can put Bafang mid motor in the bottom bracket and make a bike similar to Lamja Ebike! These Ebike frames are made out of steel tubes. EvNerds staff think that the prices are awesome for this quality

Frame Used on Lamja Ebike

We have shown just a limited Showcase of Sentimental Bikes. There is a lot more to that little fancy production here in sunny Croatia. So go visit them, give them a call or message them on FB

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