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Skart Electric motorcycle

Skart Electric Motorcycle Story

SKART electric motorcycle begins with Instagram. Instagram features many people around the world with their #ebikes and #electricmotorcycle hashtags. We met Balázs Fröhlich there and asked him a couple of questions about their totally different-than-usual electric motorcycle. We found it interesting that it was built without welding. This is Balázs answering our questions:

What is the name of your electric motorcycle company? Where do you come from and can you introduce yourself to our readers?

electric motorcycle founders SKART
Kálovics András and Balázs Fröhlich

My name is Balázs Fröhlich the founder of SKART. The second person in the company is András Kálovics (CMO). The company base is located in Hungary, Pécs.

Our main business goal is building limited (mostly 3-30pieces/design) unique electric motorcycles, which don’t require much welding. One of the biggest features of our electric motorcycle is the frame that we made from aluminum boards! (In the near future we will using foamed aluminum boards because this technology will give us more freedom in design and lightweight in overall electric motorcycle).

photographer: Horvath_Attila: @croatii from UnivPécs


We started this project in the beginning in 2016, and the very first workable prototype was done in 2017.09.22. From this design, we are able to build another 2 motorcycle maximum! In this prototype project, the main goal was, to create something unique, where everything was designed by our own, to share the possibilities with this designing method.


photographer: Horvath_Attila: @croatii from UnivPécs

But in the future we want to build the most road driveable motorcycles! The following motorbike will be a CafeRacer like a motorbike, and we are keeping our thumbs up to finish it by 2018 summer! This motorbike’s maximum building number will be 300. We are also able to design 100% unique 1 piece motorcycle for private or company use.

How did you get into electric vehicles? What inspired you?


When I was young, I usually saw the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Discovery Science, and so on. In these channels, I always wonder how creative the human being is. My favorite series was the OCC – American Choppers. After I saw lots of parts I started creating my own chopper in my brain, using a Simpson MZ. But sadly We didn’t have enough money for these plans. In the university I started researching project in several green tech fields, and after so many years I started to think about, how can I mix my dreams with Green tech field researchers. This was the moment when I realize what I really want to make, and I started 3D design immediately!

electric motorcycle render

But, there was a huge problem again, which was the money. Fortunately, I found some great company which is able to help me, to create this unique motorbike. The biggest support came from Rati Kft.,Lemeztechnika Kft and FreeDee Printing Solution, but I also want to say big thank you Motobox Kft. also, for support this project!

photographer: Horvath_Attila: @croatii from UnivPécs

What are the technical specifications of SKART electric motorcycle?

Max speed: 60km/h (we limited this, but it capable 120km/h )
Net weight: around 100kg
Wheel size: rear: 130/90 R16 ,front: 100/80 R17
Dimensions: 2300x700x900mm
Motor power: 4000W hub motor
Motor max. torque: 260Nm
Range per full charge: ~100km (capable brake energy harvesting)
Battery voltage: 72V
Charging time: 2-3hours

What are your personal and future plans for SKART electric motorcycles?

In the beginning of October, We applied for free space to exhibit in TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin, where we luckily won, so we will go to Berlin on December 4-5, where we will show and share the company profile.

skart electric motorcycle
As I mentioned We want to create a CafeRacer in 2018. At the same time, I want to create, a unique video which will draw attention to taking care of motor rider on the roads! I want to make the film unique and interesting to Ev crowd! I hope we can reach many people with this campaign!
In 2018 we also have a little marketing campaign with Indigogo. We will create a little roller-scooter.

photographer:@csortosszabolcs from UnivPécs

Thank you for your time and we wish you all the luck in future projects SKART electric motorcycle 

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