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SPACEBAR electric scooter is made and designed in Indonesia!

Katalis SPACEBAR Press Release

Spacebar: Electric Scooter collaboratively produced by Katalis and Kamengski, Small but Fierce

Jakarta -January 7th,2021. Katalis, the Jakarta-based design and branding studio, has released a mini foldable electric scooter, which they named Spacebar. The scooter has a unique design and shape. It’s no wonder that Spacebar, which was produced in collaboration with Kamengski, has caught the attention in the digital sphere.

katalis spacebar

When asked why the scooter was named Spacebar, Head of Strategy of Katalis, Joseph Sinaga explains, that the electric scooter is hoped to be able to open up spaces that were previously not reachable by riders.

e moped spacebar

“For example, when we are typing on a computer or laptop, the way we open up space in between texts is by pressing the spacebar. That is what inspired us. It also explains why the scooter is shaped like a rectangle,” adds Joseph.

Principal Designer of Katalis, Julian Palapa, adds that although dimensions are quite tiny, Spacebar is equipped with a power of 1200w. “Spacebar can maneuver through the busy streets of the capital city, to support its rider’s daily commute. Yes, it is small but fierce, like a piece of chili,” says the architect.

Tracing back to its design inspiration, the idea of the rectangular spacebar was expressed by Julian through Detailed Engineering Design(DED), which he then further discussed with Kamengski, a multidisciplinary designer based in Jakarta, to create an eye-catching visual design.

spacebar amazing artwork

“We designed Spacebar specifically for youngsters who desire agility in their daily activities. Then after brainstorming with Said (Kamengski’s real name), together we created a visual concept suitable for Generation-Z,” he explained.

spacebar electric motorcycleEverything from the full aluminum body, to the various visual accents, decal, and body-color, as well as the material and color of the scooter seat, was carefully handpicked collaboratively by Katalis and Kamengski.

electric motorcycle spacebar from indonesia
The 33-year-old designer was quite satisfied with the final product. “It is amazing, I don’t know how to put it into words. I wanted to collaborate with Katalis because they have unique designs and have gone international. Through Spacebar, we proved that collaboration is certainly more fun than competition,” says Said.

The production process of this scooter was also unique, it was done from two different cities. “Joseph and I, along with one of our designers, Kemal, worked on the design while working on a construction project at a mining site in West Sumbawa. Simultaneously, the scooter was built by Fathur, our engineer in a workshop in Jakarta, under the monitoring of Said who was also in Jakarta,” explains Julian.

Joseph claims that the collaborative release with Kamengski will be one of many intended for Spacebar.“Others have also expressed interest in creating a visual concept for Spacebar in the future. However, currently, we are focusing on this valuable collaboration with Kamengski.

We are certain that there will be more interesting ideas from Said which we can work together on in the future,” adds Joseph. Joseph, who has years of experience in the advertising industry adds, “With the release of Spacebar, we hope we can inspire more Indonesian youngsters to develop mobility solutions for the future. Spacebar is our way of making way,” ends Joseph

EvNerds comment:

Images of this electric moped caused much buzz over our FACEBOOK page. Many of you will ask about the price and production. These things are not yet determined, so it will take time until we can post some specific answers to these questions. This concept proves that there is still a lot of place for innovation and unique electric moped projects that are not advertised only by power specifications. Thank you Katalis for a great e-moped start of 2021.!

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