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STEALTH Electric Bikes Are Now Street Legal Mopeds in EU

Stealth electric bikes from Australia came to EICMA 2021. in style packing 2 NEW homologated electric mopeds, new 250W ebikes, and the older models! The company has shown city traffic-worthy versions of their popular electric bikes.

stealth bikes homologated mopeds
Photo copyright: EvNerds 2021.

Stealth Electric Bikes Upgraded to Mopeds!

Stealth bikes most popular electric bikes like the B52 and F37 are going to be fully functional electric mopeds with pedals! If you guys never drove Stealth electric bikes, then you do not understand how great this idea really is. What can one want from a moped that goes 45 Km/h? Comfort, speed, power, and possibility to drive over various terrains, right?

stealth bikes moped europe l1eb
Photo copyright: EvNerds 2021. / F37s Electric Moped

Well, Stealth bikes have all of that + the gearbox in pedals in B52s model making the shifting easier; and yes the PEDALS!

Photo copyright: EvNerds 2021. / Stealth B52s Electric Moped

Pedals can give you a more versatile ride and extend the range if you want to use them. Stealth bikes really pushed the limit power-wise and ended up with 4kW continuous power in the 27,5 inch wheel with just 0,5 kW bellow the EU homologation limit for the moped category.

Why is Europe a huge step for Stealth electric bikes?

A decade ago Stealth bikes company was the inspiration with their monocoque-styled ebike frames to many DIY ebike builders. Many companies from China copied their style; but never came close to the quality, and most importantly to the geometry of the bike. Stealth bikes never complained about being copied, they just continued to do their thing; and now they achieved a milestone in their product range proving that a product designed 10 years ago has got 1000s of miles to go on. Not only that, but they proved that production in Australia can be exported to Europe without taking the production to China. With a little help from C-CREATIVE partnership; the company has enough investment to pursue the street homologated version, and it will grow and continue to surprise the market in this great electric bind. The electric bikes from Stealth bikes were updated with homologation lights, mudguards, and some other small details, but the essentials of the bike remained the same. Unlike Sur-Ron light bee, the geometry of these bikes is bigger, meaning that taller drivers will be able to use them as mopeds without feeling like they are too big for the electric bike. The price will be a major decision-maker here, and from the looks of it; the consumers will need to decide to pay a premium price for Stealth or to go with Sur-Ron Light bee. Both options are fine with us, but we have to tell you that in our opinion times are changing in Europe. Nobody is really that excited anymore just because the moped is electric. People want more: more power, more range, more quality. We will not mention the most sold electric moped brands in Europe right now to get their name trash-talked, but most of them showed to consumers they are not reliable, the BMS in the battery were often changed, the connectors were changed, etc ( not talking about Sur-Ron. Sur-Ron has been a good products as far as we are aware ). When that happens to the consumer, you can be sure that the next bike is not going to be the same brand it was before.

Copyright: EvNerds 2021. / P7 electric bike is one of the older Stealth products, adjusted to 250 W law in EU.

That is why the Stealth bikes are stepping into the electric moped game as a premium brand with a more premium price where this kind of silly problem of cheap production will not happen. That is what a premium brand should be. Not just the looks, but the quality as well!

Stealth Bikes Electric Mopeds B52s, F37s are Street Legal!

There are 2 versions of high-performance Stealth bikes converted into mopeds for European roads: B52s and F37s. Versions without the s at the end are not homologated versions, and they are the original Australian variant illegal to drive on open roads in Europe. There is also the H52 version without pedals that is meant to be used as a dirt bike in Europe on closed tracks or closed roads.

H52 looks like B52 but does not have the gearbox and pedals – Photo by Stealth

Stealth B52S Electric Moped – City Commander

B52S photo by STEALTH

B52 electric moped is the most interesting Stealth product. Previously Stealth has been using Suntour 13 speed gearbox as a shifting mechanism.

Suntour V-BOXX
Suntour stopped the production of their V-BOXX product a couple of years ago, so Stealth needed to find a solution to keep their flagship alive

Now they developed their solution, but without any information about their mechanism. Too bad they explain nothing about it on their site. Nevertheless, this is a sexy solution that keeps the chain line straight and the shifting is done inside the box without the possibility for dirt and dust to interfere with driving.

Main Technical Specifications: B52s technical specifications

With 2,5 kWh ( 81,4V 30 Ah ) battery, this electric moped can reach 45 Km/h very fast. Unlocked, it will reach 80 Km/h. The recharge time is 3 hours and the range is 70 Km ( riding 45 Km/h). Retail price is expected to be around 8000 Euro ( We got more info in prices, and they will be bigger than we wrote. We cannot confirm anything yet, so please wait until Stealth decides the end price ) in Europe. It is alot, but when you look at the prices of regular full suspension Specialized or other electric bikes prices in EU; then it starts making sense. This product is about performance, and mtb drivers are going to love this product; because they are going to be able to take to work something that looks like a full suspension bike and hit the city roads!

Stealth F37S Electric Moped – Urban Breaker

STEALTH F37S URBAN BREAKER ELECTRIC MOPEDStealth F37S electric moped is cheaper option with less powerful motor and a little bit smaller battery without the gearbox. We are unsure if there is ATS or Schlumpf speedrive in the pedals, but we are pretty sure the Stealth presenter told us this.

Schlumpf or Ats speed drive is in simple terms a pedal shifting mechanism that consists of planetary gearings for switching 2 speeds while keeping the chainline intact.
We could not check this information on Stealth website since those details are missing.
Technical details:
F37S electric mopeds

With 1,5 kWh battery ( 48v 30 Ah ) recharged in 3 hours, this electric moped will have a range around 40-55 Km while driving 45 Km/h. Motor power is still big with 120 Nm with 3700 W peaks, so the new owners are going to feel that push while accelerating!

Check out the even more news from Stealth in this EvNerds article.

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