Super Powered 20 Kw Electric Motorcycle by Taiwan Cyclone Motors

Cyclone Motors from Taiwan were back in the golden days of Endless Sphere one of the few places where electric motorcycle and ebike enthusiasts like ourselves were looking to find mid-motors for DIY conversions or projects. The Cyclone Motors website still is in the 90s but offers enough information for a newbie to find what they are looking for. No fancy graphics here, just raw information with a lot of power mid-motors to choose from together with a bunch of mounting parts. Right now the world-wide market offers many options to buy quality hub motors, mid-motors, and other high power ebike and electric motorcycle related parts. It seems that Cycle Motors Taiwan are aware of that, and they have some new stuff on the site added not so far ago. 

Nikita 20KW Hub or Mid Drive Electric motorcycle

Nikita electric motorcycle is a good starting point for a DIY electric motorcycle project. We wouldn’t say it is finished because it needs a lot of styling and detailing to make it look good. The minimalist raw looks remind us of a Kalk electric dirt-bike. 20 Kw e-motorcycle has front headlight borrowed from Super Soco TS, DNM front fork suspension and electric hub motor in the rear wheel ( same hub motor size as  QS 276 Hub motor used in Evoke Motorcycles). There are two big ass NCM battery options: 120v and 50 Ah (33 Kg = 6 Kw/h ) and 60 V 100 Ah (33 Kg = 6 Kw/h ). Pictures show Nikita 20 Kw motor based on Hub motor. The other Nikita option is a mid motor called CY6K MID but we weren’t able to find that motor on Cyclone website

powerfull 20 kw electric motorcycle

Nikita Super-Powered 20 kw electric motorcycle

The rear swing-arm is stock from some existing motorcycle, and front frame part is custom designed and manufactured by Cyclone motors. The seat looks comfy enough.

Full specification List:

RANGE CY 6k hub CY6K mid
City 180 km 200 km
Highway, 90 km/h 100 km 120 km
» Combined 130 km 160 km
Highway, 140km/h 90 km 100km
» Combined 140km 150 km
Max torque 160 Nm 400Nm
Max power 20 kW @ 1400rpm 18kW @ 5,500 rpm
Top speed (max) 150 km/h 150 km/h
Top speed (sustained) 140 km/h 140km/h
Acceleration, 0-100 km/h 6 seconds 4.2 seconds
Est. pack life to 80% (city) 120,000 km 240,000 km
Power pack 120V50Ah NCM battery 33kg 60V100Ah NCM battery 33kg
Max capacity 6.4kw 6.4kw
Nominal capacity 6KW 6KW
Charge time (standard) 10hours 10 hours
Transmission Clutchless direct drive Clutchless direct drive
Final drive 20/14KW 17″ hub motor F/R 60T / 10T 428 Chain F/R
WEIGHT 100kg 100kg

Cyclone motors offer other ebike and electric motorcycles that you can check right here

There are a few NEW electric vehicle motors great for DIY conversions that we like as well. Together with their usual best selling small geared BLDC motors, we find new coaxial 4.8 Kw mi-motor very interesting.


Coaxial Motor Spec.
Weight: 5kg
Torque: 130Nm max
RPM: 200~750rpm
Voltage: 24~72V
Size: Dim. 136mm , lenght 180mm
Chainwheel: 42/32/22T or 32/22T
Max Output power: 2.4KW @72V
Elite e-bike frame Travel 170mm


This motor together with Stealth Knock-off ENDURO frame kit is in our opinion a very good undervalued option by electric vehicle community hungry of speed and power. You get the mid-motor, and pedals with less weight on the rear wheel.

Coaxial motor performance

NEW 18 Kw electric motorcycle posted 3 days ago on Cyclone Youtube channel

Thank you for reading and check out CYCLONE Motors 90s website here

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  1. I have been communicating with cyclone motors (See below) in trying to order one of these. Has anyone seen one in real life? Am I being paranoid to not want wire them money to purchase the bike?

    I send you PI
    The payment via Bank money transfer
    You can get one to try first

    Adam Richmond <
    Ok, great. How do I order?

    On Tue, Apr 28, 2020, 9:10 PM CYCLONE e-bike wrote:
    Dear Adam,

    Right now we inundated with order, lead time is 10 days , shipping take 5 days


    On Tue, Apr 28, 2020, 8:17 PM CYCLONE e-bike wrote:
    Ok, the 20 kw hub Nikita motocross same as below pictures is with 120v 50 Ah battery
    Cost with shipping is 6800 USD, I can give you for 5800 USD


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