Super Soco CPx is Vmoto’s 4,790 Euro answer for 2020!

Super Soco ( Vmoto ) presented on Eicma 2019. CPx – a maxi electric scooter. The design and performance in combination with good old budget-friendly Super Soco prices will make all existing and new distributors very happy.

Super Soco is known to listen to the market needs, and by what we have seen on EICMA 2019 it can be said that maxi electric scooters are the way to go. After a great 2019. Vmoto continues to push the product range of Super Soco bikes.

Dealers can enjoy a big variety of electric scooters and motorcycles they can offer to customers ( CUX electric scooters, CPx maxi electric scooter, TS and TC electric mopeds, Super Soco Tc Max L3 electric motorcycle ).

The electric motorcycle market is still developing, but Vmoto insists on covering all aspects of this market. The only thing Vmoto does not offer is Super Soco electric Super-Bike, guess we have to wait for 2021!

Super Soco CPx on Eicma 2019.

Super Soco calls this scooter THE ABSOLUTE SCOOTER. This is what Super Soco says:

CPx – The absolute scooter

super soco CPx electric maxi scooter
Absolutely silent, completely ecological, with very low operating costs. The CPx does not envy the performance of its gasoline-powered competitors (power figures similar to a 125 cm3). Nor the autonomy. The CPx is the most important 2020 model among those proposed by Super Soco, opening a new chapter.


The Super Soco Style Center did a great job defining a CPx silhouette that emphasizes innovation, and at the same time maintains a friendly, familiar appearance. The unusual windshield shape gives personality, and deviates the air from under the windscreen. The double optical unit with angular features emphasizes the technological content, while the side is extremely clean and linear to keep the shape as narrow as possible. In the rear, the CPx flaunts a frame tube that suggests an idea of robustness.

Vmoto CPx electric scooter

Super Soco CPx Maxi Scooter Performance

There is more to the CPx than aesthetics. The most important aspect of electric scooters are the batteries.
The CPx has room for two 60 Volt/45 Ah – the second is optional and available at a special price – working in parallel and UN38.3 certified. With a 90 kg rider, they allow a range of 140 km, at a speed of 45 km/h.

They can easily be removed for recharging at a power socket at home – 3.5 hours is enough. They have a 3-year warranty and can be subjected to 1200 cycles without problems.

Extra wide CPx seat
LIKE A 125
The CPx does not fear comparisons with a 125: it reaches a maximum speed of 90 km/h and it does so with a linear smoothness that a gas-powered engine will never have. The electric motor provides 4000 Watt and terrific starting torque, 171 Nm. Despite being housed in the rear wheel the engine does not hinder dismantling: if you want to replace the rim it can be done in five seconds, a little more than a tire change in Formula One. The suspension set-up is comfortable: in front, there is a telescopic fork; behind, a single shock absorber on the left side.

super soco CPx on eicma 2019For the same reason – comfort – there is a 16 inch wheel at the front, which is less sensitive to roughness. At the rear a 14 inch tire with a higher profile was chosen to dampen the ride.

The CPx also means attention to detail: 180 mm disk brakes on both wheels, combined for greater safety, and a double front light unit with a lumination distance of 75 meters.

The luggage rack underwent rigorous testing, exceeded one million “strong” vibrations. A button on the handlebar allows the engine to rotate backwards, facilitating maneuvering from a standstill. There’s also a two liter glove compartment for transporting objects and a 12 V socket for recharging a mobile phone. Super Soco has internally developed a free downloadable app that allows to connect vehicles, smartphones and the cloud, obtaining information on travel, traffic and scooters.

Super Soco CPx price

Recommended retail price is 4,790 Euro with one battery, and 5,990 Euro with two.

For more check out Vmoto site

Oh, and thanks Elektro Pogon ( Croatian EV shops ) for providing the contact with managers at Super Soco stand!

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