Super Soco CUX, TSx, TC Max and RUx electric motorcycles on Eicma 2019

Super Soco at EICMA 2019 revealed new 2020 models: TSx, CUX electric scooter color range, Ducati CUX, CPx electric scooter, TC Max and RUx. The information below is made out of text parts from the official press release by VMoto.

Super Soco TSx

This new X version stands out for its aggressive graphics and is driven by a  more powerful electric motor. Everything revolves around the high-efficiency 18650 lithium battery pack: TS has 60V 26 Ah, TSx has 60V 30 Ah battery. They are removable and offer exceptional performance: the Super Soco TSx has a range of 65-70 km at 45km/h, the maximum speed permitted by law.

TSx on EICMA 2019

super-soco-TSX-COLORSWith the optional additional battery pack offered as an option, it can easily get to 110-120 km. Full charging takes approximately 7 hours, though fast recharging can significantly reduce the process. The FOC control unit (Field Oriented Control, i.e. oriented magnetic field control) manages the power delivery according to the conditions of use based on an algorithm that guarantees a reduction in consumption of 10%. The heart of the system is the electric motor supplied by Bosch. It is housed in the rear wheel, with a power of 1900 W. The speed remains the one allowed by the road, but there is a significant increase in the capacity for climbing, which allows the TSx electric motorcycle to tackle climbs of up to 17°.


TSx EICMA 2019

The bodywork maintains the street-fighter look with the modern lines of the TS. The double sided swingarm acts directly on the single shock absorber. The front suspension is a hydraulic upside-down system to minimize unsprung weight, and the alloy wheels are 17” with generous-sized sports tires, 70/100 in front and 100/70 behind. The braking system is made out of 3 systems working together: there is a 220 mm Ø front disc with a two-piston caliper and a 180 mm Ø rear with a single-piston caliper. Motor contributes to braking with Regen when the throttle is in neutral position. Numerous details make the difference: from the diamond-shaped LED with adaptive light working in tandem with a rear LED, providing a 270° arc of visibility.
The TS is available now, with a retail price is 3,490 Euro (VAT included).

Super Soco CUX New Colors and Power


Friendly in its appearance, technological “under the skin”: it has maintained the soft lines of last year’s version, but there are significant changes. The motor, still produced by Bosch, is much more powerful, going from 1300 W to 2000, with a peak power of 2788 W. It allows a maximum speed of 65 km/h, but the electronic control unit limits it to the 45 km/h as imposed by law.
Greater power also means increased carrying capacity and better climb ability: Super Soco guarantees to overcome slopes of 15°- that’s 26.9%! The power supply is a lithium-ion battery pack 18650 with a capacity of 60V 30 Ah. It is removable, allowing for recharging at home. It recharges in 7-8 hours, though an accessory for fast recharging is also available. Gives a range of up to 75 km traveled at a speed of 45 km/h

CUX on EICMA 2019
CUX on EICMA 2019

The CUx has a narrow shape and a weight of 68 kg, very light for an electric vehicle. The hydraulic suspension and 180 mm Ø front and rear disc brakes ensure it stops and goes with agility.
Among the new features are passenger retractable foot-pegs, as well as new colors: dark blue with beige saddle, dark gray matte, and champagne matte. These new colors are available at 2,990 Euro, while other color options are 2,890 Euro.


The full name of the model is Super Soco CUx Ducati Special Edition, technically it is identical to the CUx already in production and costs 3,090 Euros, 100 Euro more than the standard version.


The license agreement signed with Ducati is of ecological origin, presenting itself at the World Ducati Week 2018: the only motorcycle event in the world certified according to ISO 20121 as a sustainable event, for which the VMoto Group had supplied the “official” electric scooters, as a “green official supplier”. The success of the Race of Champions in which the official Ducati riders clashed on V4S with a custom livery inspired the idea of a special limited edition CUx with V4S Corse livery. Ducati granted the license, Super Soco created the livery.


Super Soco RUx


We have no official info about RUx. We have seen it on EICMA 2019 and it seems that Super Soco can make a pedal version and a non-pedal version. This product is aimed to have a cheaper price for the big masses. We like the looks, but cannot tell you much about availability, motor power or exact price!

Super Soco Tc Max 2020

Super Soco TC MAX 2020

The biggest innovation of the 2020 version is the engine. Produced by Super Soco, it has risen from 3000 to 3500 Watts. It can push the TC-Max to 95 km/h, with the ability to overcome slopes of 17°.
It has the performance equivalent of a 125 cm3 internal combustion engine, with the advantage of lower operating costs and the invulnerability of pollution-related restrictions.

Super Soco CPx

super soco CPx on eicma 2019

We created a new CPx dedicated article on this link

If you want to know more, check out the VMoto Super Soco site here

Big thanks to Elektro Pogon – Croatian Electric Vehicle Distributor that gave us Super Soco technical datasheets on EICMA!

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