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Super Soco electric motorcycle

Super Soco electric motorcycle is a piece of art, and its comming from China

Crowd-funded in China the ‘Super Soco’ electric motorcycle project has just got off the ground in  funding goals. The design is inspired by Caffe racers and may we say: Its FANTASTIC !


Design and performance is awesome, What about the price ?

The bike will be available in two forms, both visually identical. The cheaper model is the TS800R, which sells for around €900 ($1000), while the TS1200R costs around  €1075 ($1200).

The Chinese company was smart. Unlike Zero motorcycles, they wanted something cheap with less, but still enough power to put the smile on riders face. So they used Hub motors that are cheaper option then putting central motor and gearing it down from big RPM to lower RPM. BOSCH jointly develop new high-performance 17-inch wheel diameter power motor, using the new C35 magnet specifications that puts out 1500 continues watts.



We also like the front lights, removable 18650 battery, app




Specifications :

physical dimension


Electric drive system

Performance parameters

ALL IMAGES AND INFORMATION IS FROM MANUFACTURER. Please check them out for more info, and learn some chinese before that 🙂supersoco

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