Sur-ron Light Bee electric bike upgrade by GB-E moto

Sur-Ron Light Bee Italia “Competition” Concept

The Sur-Ron Light Bee Italia “Competition” concept is a GB E-Moto bike based on Sur-Ron Light Bee homologated electric motorcycle. GB E-moto is exploring the limits of this forged alumni frame to improve the performance of the Light Bee to a 125 cc equivalent bike.

Sur-Ron Light Bee Modifications ny GB E-moto :

  • Special CNC rear swing arm with a bigger 18-inch wheel
  • The front wheel was changed with a 21-inch wheel; but during the testing, we got a positive response from the original 19 inches
  • Seat modified to a larger seat with carbon fiber dedicated mudguard
  • Huge bldc controller that is able to push the motor up to 10 kW peak using dedicated software and some BMS modifications.
  • Future modifications: New custom battery from 60 to 72volts with different cells (LG). By now the bike was tested with the original battery.
carbon fiber dedicated mudguard
Custom Alumni swingarm perfectly aligned with front part of the Light Bee frame

Huge 10 Kw peak controller with heatsink

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The goal of this project is a working laboratory for developing special parts for the Sur-Ron Light Bee electric dirt bike that will eventually GB E-moto sell across the world to end customers. GB E-moto is a part of Sur Ron Italia ( check them out here)

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