Sur-Ron Light Bee Homologated Road legal Electric Motorcycle

Sur-Ron Light Bee is moving to the streets with a homologated version of their most popular Electric Motorcycle. This information was posted today on Facebook by Electron Cycles from England. England and Eu’s law differ a little bit when it comes to registration and homologation of vehicles, so we are not 100 percent convinced that every EU country can import SUR-RON Light Bee from England and have it registered. We may be wrong because of ever-changing EU law that we haven’t looked up to for a while now.


This is what Electron Cycles wrote about Light Bee Homologation

So here’s the big news!!!!!
We will be selling these full road legal with full registration documents by the end of June (should be mid-June).
These have to be homologated to DVLC standards similar to a 125cc motorbike. The same bike as the off-road weapon with all its downhill off-road capabilities but the ability to go on the roads. Imagine whizzing off to work in one of these less than 25p a charge. 45 miles and 45mph, then on the weekends, go motorcrossing down your favorite green lane. Quiet, no complaints and no fear of being nicked. The kit pushes the price up another £450, but no tax and no fuel! Maybe they don’t compete directly with a motorbike, but I love the alternative green no hassle of this mental piece of kit. Do you know we actually sank one in testing and it still kept going? Ran a two-hour endurance race with a 14 stone rider and didn’t even get hot! I can tell you now, as soon as they land they will be sold and I’ll own one riding around the streets of London for sure. Just think how something so small will pass through traffic. I doubt my MT10 MC would keep up! 200mm triple crown forks for off-road – says it all.
For you in Europe. If it has UK registration, it is given automatic registration in your country too!
For more details, check out our web page under “bikes – Electron Cycles on FB

Original post:

So here’s the big news!!!!!We will be selling these fully road legal with full registration documents by the end of…

Objavljuje ElectronCycles10. svibnja 2018

We heard rumors about SUR-RON Light Bee homologated street version, and we are still waiting for confirmation from one of the companies ahead of European sales of SUR-RON Light Bee. When this is 100 percent confirmed by SUR-RON headquarters, we will post an update about SUR-RON Street legal Light Bee and where to buy Street legal version in Europe

Electron Cycles price is £4,450.00 ( Information below )


Sur-Ron V2 60V 32Ah 45MPH With RST Forks
Now with lights and all other necessary equipment for road use.
Fully L1e Homologated will be delivered registered by us, to you with DVLC registration documents (we do the paperwork). Will have the same license requirements as 125CC Motorbike (need a provisional license with CBT). Commute to work at 45mph for 45miles for less than 50Pence, No road tax!!
Shoot to your nearest green lane fully within the law.
We have a limited number arriving beginning of June and will definitely be delivered to you by the end of June (hopefully sooner)
taking pre-order for mid-June (paid for and sitting on container ship right now)
All orders are guaranteed by PayPal for 180 days.
Only available in black

Check out Electron Cycles for more information!

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Sur Ron LIGHT BEE homologated version IN EUROPE