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SURAIN electric motorcycles and Ebikes are now Eve Dynamics company

ezekiel ebike

Surain Electric motorcycles have teamed up and the company is called from now on Eve Dynamics company. To be honest, none of this names ring the bell to the general public on worldwide scale!

eve dynamics logo
eve dynamics logo

But, they should since the electric motorcycles, ebikes, electric scooter projects by designer Surain Benjamin are incredible. There are few people in the world with the ev portfolio like Surain Benjamin has. He is the lead designer and engineer on all Eve Dynamics electric projects. Surain Benjamin uses CAD 3D design and CNC machining to make his frames from 7075 T6 aluminum plates. No old school tubing, maximizes his rapid prototype development

surain benjamin
Surain Benjamin

surain benjamin and ebike

This article will not cover most technical specs of ebikes, electric motorcycles shown below, because all of the mentioned companies websites are in working stages. We will try to show you guys full Surain Benjamin portfolio and why we think his name should be written in ebike history!

The Renaissance Electric Motorcycle with Hub motor

Inspired by Belgian motorcycles from the beginning of the century, this motor features rear hub motor and front custom made girder fork.
Price: from 13.999 € for the 50cc version – from 18.999 € for the 125cc version
Renaissance Electric Motorcycle

Renaissance Electric Motorcycle with Crystalyte hub motor

Renaissance Electric Motorcycle 3
Renaissance Electric Motorcycle with Thick brick tyres
girder fork
girder fork detail
Renaissance Electric Motorcycle with Girder front fork
Girder front fork
aluminium 7075 t6
aluminium 7075 t6

Impala Hardtail Ebike

Bike ordered by Eve Dynamics customer, the impala is Ideal for a rental activity. Small hub motor at the back and a known frame design signature of Ben Surain

impala electric bike

impala ebike 2

impala electric bike with hub motor

Ezekiel Ebike

Halfway between bike and bike, the Ezekiel was the perfect compromise between speed and range. Ideal for urban travel, she won several prizes in Monaco. Eve Dynamics have made 2 versions of Ezekiel ebike. Both versions apear to be the same, with difference in battery storage volume. Performance of bigger battery version is simmiliar to Stealth bikes

Version 1


Version 2

version 2 ezekiel
ezekiel ebike

ezekiel ebike

Electric Chopper

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