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Suzuki Extrigger electric moto

Suzuki Extrigger electric moto

One area where electric mobility is more feasible with today ‘s technology application is in the segment of minimotos of all kinds.

Electric motors and batteries are smaller necessary for their performance, which contains the price and complexity of production. The Suzuki Extrigger Concept is one of the most striking proposals so far, both for its appearance and come from a mark of the importance of Suzuki .

After introducing makes few dates in Tokyo the Japanese manufacturer now offers more information, photos and even a video in which we see that the prototype works. We already knew that the engine is equipped the same as the Suzuki e-Let’s , with just over 2 CV available but yes, with an ideal model for the character instantaneous torque. The weight is 62 kilos, so the engine is enough content for a peaceful use of this moto-school.

The battery is housed where would a conventional reservoir is removable and also has a very practical meter visual load. If its size, design and drive assembly were not enough Extrigger Concept integrates a new communication system by receiving lights and wireless . Devised by Casio , it is a source of light of different colors above the headlight that is managed with the menu on the center console. Gives the rest a visual signal can also capture through an application for smartphones at a distance of up to two kilometers. We assume that to warn of road hazards .

All images are a courtesy of Suzuki

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