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TEM01 Electric motorcycle – chopper style

TEM01 Electric motorcycle – chopper style from Slovenia

Incredible Electric Motorcycle custom built by TEM01 In Slovenia in 2012!

The project TEM01 Full Electric Motorcycle is the result of enthusiasm, knowledge, experience, dedication, passion, development, patience, advanced minds and above all perseverance!

TEM01 is work of art and work of development. Is the prototype and serves the promotion of both companies, in particular, the promotion of these products in the future!

The funny part is, that it was built in 2012 and we haven’t seen much info or coverage about it. But it’s too good not to show you guys.

The project was designed and carried out in cooperation of two companies, namely: TEM (investor) and Custom North company ( Guys that build Choppers and custom Rat bikes Slovenia – pretty famous for that matter )

TEM01 Electric Motorcycle Specifications:

Remarkable electrical power on two wheels

  • efficiency of power 95 %
  • 530 Nm at 0 RPM
  • 400 HP on rear wheel
  • Regeneration electrical energy when braking

Unique operation

  • Finger print for start
  • Touch LCD’s with all the information about the motor
  • Active suspension (front and rear)
  • Unique way of parking
  • Special passive safety braking system (360 brake system)
  • LCD RGB Ambience lighting

Unique design and implementation

  • Unique frame
  • Unique front fork with active suspension
  • Unique rear swing arm without rear axle and with active suspension
  • Unique bodywork
  • Unique front mask
  • Unique handlebar

We still don’t know if their prototype is working or not. Sure has enough battery space to achieve stated performance. We will try to get this information and do the article follow-up

TEM01 Electric Motorcycle – pictures

You can check their website for more information

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