It’s been a year since we had written about Teo Žikić and Damir Šarčević from TORP company and their amazing electric dirtbike prototype. They had been pretty secretive about their final product and we are excited to share the exclusive story of the TORP Bike with you. It is important to say that this story is also about components that make the bike what it is: custom battery, in-house sensorless / sensored controller, in-house BMS!



TORP company history

Torp has been founded in 2016 by two EV and biking enthusiasts. Teo and Damir who are passionate dirtbike drivers on the track decided to change what they think is lacking on the bikes that are on the market. Most of their bikes were petrol-powered, loud and heavy dirtbikes, which were hard to fit in the car. Their goal was to develop a light and powerful cross version between a downhill bike and a dirtbike, that can withstand extreme rides on rough terrain as well as perform the craziest tricks you could imagine. Both interested in new technology and alternative energy, they decided to take advantage of an electric motor to propel their invention. One thing leads to another and TORP team ended up developing their own BMS and Controller, making the whole powertrain custom made for TORP Bike. 

electric dirtbike controller
Sensored (HALL Encoder) and sensorless control! Switching frequency up to 50kHz

BMS with built-in Wi-fi and Bluetooth for accurate tracing data with a smartphone

TORP team had also developed a mobile and web app and a built-in LCD monitor, with which you can check on your battery’s health and range wherever you are. 

torp bike display

Not only that, but the app also gives tips on how to prolong your battery’s life through some simple tricks, and through it, the TORP Bike owners will receive all the useful and fun updates that TORP team is constantly working on. The battery packs 1,8 kWh of pure energy in less than 8 kg. When drained, the battery can be recharged up to 80% in just 30 minutes. Just enough time for a coffee break between the rides.

Enough talking around, let’s address what we all had come for: the TORP Bike!


The bike is a true beauty! Its sleek design was created by Serđo Miletić, founder of Miletić Design, an award-winning Croatian designer that had specialized in industrial design. With TORP Bike he aimed at a simple, clean and futuristic design. We would say it was worth waiting for.

torp bike

Weighting a bit under 30 kg and with a low center of gravity, makes it a light but stable ride. It can reach its 15 kW peak power in a second and has an unbelievable 2,5h driving range on rough terrain. This stallion is not meant for the everyday commute, but it is a powerful off-road beast, that can climb, jump and race, making other riders aware of its presence with its futuristic sound. 

Are you intrigued? TORP Bike is certainly one of the coolest bike on the track, that only lucky few will have the privilege to buy, at least at first. Only 50 bikes will be produced for the first release. You can park the beauty in your garage after paying 7000 euros. Damir and Teo, TORP Company’s CEOs, are collecting pre-orders for it through their website, where you can get more info on the bike and other products that the company offers. 

Tech Specs:

• 15 kW peak power

• 29 kg with the low center of gravity

• 2,5h hard off-road driving range

• 1,8 kWh removable battery

• fully configurable regenerative braking

  • Mobile and PC App that monitors your progress, gives you tips for prolonging battery-life and keeps you up-to-date with the latest software improvements

 • built-in 2.6 “IPS LCD display

Check more on TORP MOTORS

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