UniBo Motorsport and Alpha Leonis Electric Superbike

UniBo Motorsport is a project born in the early months of 2017. by a group of students from the University of Bologna who wanted to use their passion for electric vehicle engines and create a unique electric motorcycle project.


Alpha Leonis


An electric motorbike was built, the Alpha Leonis, whose technical characteristics include additive manufactured swingarm, carbon fiber monocoque frame, and a three-phase brushless motor.

Students are supported in their work by different partners who recognize the educational value of the project, including Ducati Foundation, Zare, Marposs, Engines Engineering, Mind, and many others.


In October 2018 the team took part in the fifth Motostudent at the Aragon circuit, obtaining excellent results including the title of Best Rookie Team and the third overall place. A swingarm in SLM (Selective Laser Melting) seals the collaboration between Zare and the MotoStudent Team.

Zare Swingarm

aditive printing forcellone zare

Example of SLM swingarm design by ZARE

ZARE has made available to the team its know-how and experience in additive manufacturing applied to motorsport for the realization of an ambitious project: the construction of a swingarm in Selective Laser Melting designed by the students to be implemented on the prototype.

“During the summer, some members of the MotoStudent Team visited our Factory to watch the realization of the project and we took the opportunity to learn more about the innovativeness of their swingarm.

The swingarm is a fundamental component of a motorcycle because, by connecting the frame to the rear wheel, it is responsible for adhering the wheel to the ground on which the vehicle’s performance depends.

The component was made in Alsi7Mg0.6, a material chosen by the students for balancing ductility and weight. The project was realized thanks to the Concept X Line 2000R, currently the largest plant in the world for the production of additive components, thanks to a working chamber of 800x400x500 mm, which uses two-kilowatt lasers for powder melting.” – ZARE


More about UniBo here

Information in this text was sent to EvNerds by Antonella Gioia, the marketing division manager of UniBo Motorsport Motostudent team

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