Velocifero electric motorcycle 2023 JUMP, RACE X, BEACH MAD
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Velocifero JUMP, Race X and Beach MAD Electric Motorcyle / Moped – EICMA 2022

We were at the Velocifero booth on EICMA 2022. Company presented 80 Km/h JUMP electric motorcycle, 120 Km/h RACE X electric motorcycle and Beach MAD electric motorcycle.

EvNerds visits Velocifero Booth on Eicma

Velocifero JUMP Electric Motorcycle

Let’s start with JUMP electric moped.
Like all Velocifero products, this super cool electric moped is designed in Italy by Alessandro Tartarini, and manufactured in Taizhou, China. Super futuristic design at a reasonable price was always a philosophy for this company. We expect an attractive price of around 4,200 Euros for this one.

Velocifero JUMP Electric Motorcycle specifications
The e-motorcycle packs a big battery capacity ( 72V 39 Ah = 28080 Wh ) for this small-sized bike. When you sit on the bike, there is enough room for the legs, and the handlebar is right where you need it to be; so it does not feel small. The suspension feels stiff enough.

Picture by EvNerds on EICMA 2022.

The bike’s name is Jump, and you can expect around 85 Km of a City ride with it, and 0 Km in the woods as this is not a dirtbike as the name would suggest. Velocifero JUMP can reach speeds up to 80 Km/h Jump has a large and heavy electric hub motor in the rear wheel with a continuous power of 3600W and 5kW peaks! Can’t wait to see them zooming around!

Velocifero RACE Electric Motorcycle

The second incredible electric motorcycle from Velocifero is RACE X with 432O Wh of battery juice, 120 Km/h speed, an upside-down front fork, and a rear mono-shock suspension system! Continuous power is 5 kW with 220 Nm of torque. Did you think Velocifero will leave Vmoto alone with Stash? We think RACE X and Stash will compete for the same market with Yadea and their new 120 Km/h ( 74 mph ) bike!

race x electric motorcycle by EvNerds
Photo by EvNerds – EICMA 2022.


Velocifer Beach MAD 2023. Edition

The third electric motorcycle from Velocifero is a comeback and a redesign. After two years they’ve done it, they redesigned beach MAD electric moped. We always thought this bike had potential, but it missed something. I am completely shocked by this; vintage and futuristic design at the same time and so happy they did not drop the model. We expect this to be one of the most popular mopeds on the market! The Rated power is 3 kW and speeds up to 80 Km/h!


Beach MAD Electric Motorcycle -EICMA 2022.
Photo by EvNerds – EICMA 2022.

Lastly, Velocifero presented some other products, but the most notable one would be the dual suspension kick scooter ONE X with dual 500 W motors or dual 250W motors in a 60V system!

Photo by EvNerds – EICMA 2022.

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If you want to keep with Velocifero news, you can go to their website here!

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