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VMOTO will reveal New Electric Motorcycle and DirtBike on EICMA 2022.

VMOTO electric dirtbike and electric motorcycle eicma 2022.

VMOTO / Super Soco is together with Niu one of the best-selling electric moped and electric motorcycles brand in Europe. On Eicma 2022. VMOTO is going to present 3 new products among the improved existing line-up! VMOTO understood from the start that to take over the European market, it needs to have competitive pricing and lower product margins to be a budget electric vehicle brand. This is exactly what they accomplished over the years. Now they are pulling the big guns and teaming up with product design firms, increasing their product range to something a bit more expensive ( STASH electric motorcycle ) and trying to swim very slowly with bigger fish on the market. To be honest, the European market for larger electric motorcycles like Zero is so incredibly small that it will take time to up the game on the consumer level.

To stir up the things on the market, it seems that Super Soco pulled out their design team to introduce a new electric dirtbike that would compete with the Sur-Ron light bee at EICMA 2022. When we take a closer look at the new electric dirtbike from Super Soco, something smelled very familiar. Let’s go into detail about what we are going to see on Eicma 2022.!

Vmoto STASH Electric Motorcycle – EICMA 2022.

This electric motorcycle is really special, no doubt about it. This electric motorcycle was already presented on Eicma 2021. and all visitors were impressed by the looks. It was a very early debut and the bike was not ready for the road. The finished version will be presented on Eicma 2022. VMOTO Stash was not designed in-house, instead, the same design team behind the new STEALTH electric bikes was in charge of making this one of the most appealing electric motorcycles of 2021.

Vmoto STASH electric motorcycleVmoto STASH is 8 kW electric motorcyle with 105 Km top speed for city riding, and this time on EICMA  we are going to see a new dashboard display and some other features.

New VMOTO STASH displayThis is what VMOTO wrote on their Facebook page:

“Vmoto is happy to present the final version of Stash at Eicma – Nov. 9th at 3 p.m.
Stash is the EV that revolutionized urban mobility with an unmistakable design, increased performance and a space under the mock fuel tank that holds a full-face helmet or sports bag.
Its mission is to facilitate all kinds of daily mobility and make driving easier, more fun and totally environmentally friendly. ” –VMOTO Facebook
Picture by EvNerds from 2021. EICMA motorshow

VMOTO Electric Dirtbike – EICMA 2022.

We enjoy VMOTO partnerships with design firms like C-CREATIVE and their design of Super Soco bikes, but we are not fans of rebranding the existing motorcycles if they are not redesigned as well. You will find out what exactly we mean by that in a minute.

electric dirtbike vmoto

Homologated e-dirtbike category has fully matured with the Sur-Ron light bee, and everybody in the e-mobility business was surprised by positive vibes from customers and the number of sales from this hybrid category.

This did not go unnoticed by VMOTO. Any large volume market maker product is something that VMOTO wants to have. So we guess they wanted a shortcut to customers. We say this because the bike in the presentation photos looks exactly like Caofen.

Caofen electric motorcyle
Caofen electric motorcycle

The difference is in color and headlight, and there might be more details that separate one from the other, but we need to wait for official reveal. We are pretty sure that VMOTO partnered with Caofen. This is a positive move for future customers since Caofen was unable to reach a larger market. In terms of overtaking a Sur-Ron position, this will not happen as Caofen could not do it under its own brand. This is a positive rebrand, since VMOTO manufacturing methods are established, and this may bring some trust to this product. We expect a better price for dealers and customers if this e-dirtbike gets produced under VMOTO brand. We look at this product as a very nice moped with more agility under the category of Super Soco TC with different styling and a larger battery. 

Please remember that this is an article where we took a deep dive into existing data, and we will know all after the reveal. These are our thoughts and not facts, and nothing was confirmed by Super Soco or VMOTO group! 

This is what VMOTO has to say about their new electric dirtbike:

“An electric bike for the new challenges of the future could not be missing in Vmoto’s range.
Vmoto at Eicma will launch its first Dirt Bike: On-R with street tires and Off-R in the off-road version.
Light and snappy it will be ideal for those who want to move with a wide range both on the road and on country roads outside the city.
High-travel suspension, die-cast aluminum frame and swingarm, cross-country-derived components, and ergonomics that ensure maximum control of the vehicle in all conditions, guarantee riding pleasure in total safety.” –  VMOTO Facebook

F01 Electric Scooter is L1, L3 Electric Motorcycle – EICMA 2022.

VMOTO F01 electric motorcycle
VMOTO F01 electric motorcycle

Very nicely designed 2 wheeler in L1 and L3 category with fancy details will be revealed as a finished version, just like STASH! We do not have any details about it, but from what we can see on the pictures and what we know about Super Soco maxi scooters like CPX , or regular CUx – this one will win over the market easily with 45 Km/H version and L1 version where speeds can reach more than that.

Vmoto F01 electric scooter

This is what VMOTO has to say about F01 electric scooter:

“The news for Vmoto at Eicma is not yet over. Last year we presented Concept F01 at Eicma, and today we reveal the final version and colors of F01. F01 a uniquely designed scooter with an iconic headlight shape and a wide range of colors. F01 is available in L1 and L3 verison with a maximum range of 80 km.” – VMOTO Fb.
VMOTO is the most prepared company right now for EICMA 2022., and visitors will be able to see all other products like TC MAX, Super Soco Hunter, cargo 3 wheeler etc..
There are many surprises the company has planned, and one of them involves Pininfarina design team with a collaboration on a project called APD project!
apd project pininfarina
This is what VMOTO has to say:
“Vmoto and Pininfarina announce a strategic collaboration to develop an innovative project for electric two-wheel mobility.
At the international press conference, we will unveil the Vmoto APD project created from the important collaboration with Pininfarina.” -VMOTO Fb
If you are in Milan ( ITALY ), do not forget to try out some local food and check out VMOTO on EICMA from 10.-13-11-2022. at Hall 11 | Booth I46.
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