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The title says it all: Shanghai Customs finished their eCub conversion kits. They have been teasing us for weeks with these images:

Shanghai Customs ecub conversion kit

eCUB conversion. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!-SHANGHAI CUSTOMS

New Place, Old project

After moving their work to another location, it seems the company laser focused their efforts to get this product ready for market. And when we say ready, we mean these kits fit the Honda Cub perfectly, without any extra modification to the existing vintage frames!

shanghai customs logo

Objavljuje Shanghai CustomsNedjelja, 30. rujna 2018.

The eCUB plug and play controller, bracket & cover. 100% bolt on and super easy to install. Our controller delivers a remarkable 50a continuous and 120 peak which is fantastic for its size. Pre sales starting this week!-SHANGHAI CUSTOMS

Shanghai company website is in update mode so we expect the fully functional web shop LIVE pretty soon

honda cub kits

Almost there! We have been running around organizing shipping logistics, not an easy task considering we are shipping a large amount of kit direct to end users all over the world and in the case of li ion batteries ‘dangerous goods’. We will be shipping the kits in 3 different boxes, the electric motor, controller, rims and electronics will all be shipped together in one large box with the 1000w motor installed in the rear rim. All other non electronic parts and accessories (except for the battery) will be shipped out in another large box. These will be shipped from our warehouse in Shanghai. The battery will be shipped direct from our Shenzhen packing factory in a separate smaller package MSDS, CE, and UN 38.3 certified. Delivery times will vary depending on the country but we prefer to under promise and over deliver on times.

Although this is spread out, it saves a lot of money on battery certification fees when shipping out of Shanghai (4x the cost of Shenzhen), internal shipping costs, and also it is intended to save customers money on import duties/tariffs which of course depend on the country.

We are coordinating the media release so keep an eye out for the the eCUB kits!

Thanks for the support everyone. –SHANGHAI CUSTOMS FB

They made it look easy

The eCUB project itself looks like a small take on electrifying a single motorcycle model, but when a company takes so much attention to details; the projects becomes a perfect solution or a nightmare. In the case of Shanghai Customs; the project is valid and it will be a success without any question. Just look at this part, and what solutions SC came up with, just to keep the original shape.

ecub conversion kits

ecub conversion kitsecub conversion kits

Under the bonnet! Our molded eCUB top unit comes preinstalled with everything you need to get going with your electric cub conversion and will make it super simple for our customers to convert their old cub to electric!

Top unit components include a 20a DC/DC converter to keep your 12v lights on, remote keyless entry & alarm which can be configured to lock your rear wheel for security, mechanical battery lock to stop theft of your high quality (and expensive) Panasonic li ion battery. Phase wire connectors and connector boxes are fixed in the correct wire routing position and we have included an on/off switch for our battery management system (BMS) which eliminates the need for a pre charge resistor. We have also left tolerances in screw position to cope with slight modifications in cub frames over the years and the entire unit functions as a sleeve for the battery! 3M rubber pads included.

Complete plug and play. –SHANGHAI CUSTOMS FB

Shanghai Customs also answered the most popular question about eCUB kit:

A lot of Kit! We often get asked what exactly is in our full eCUB electric conversion kits? The answer is everything except the frame forks and tires. 100% bolt on plug & play – SHANGHAI CUSTOMS

A lot of Kit! We often get asked what exactly is in our full eCUB electric conversion kits? The answer is everything except the frame forks and tires. 100% bolt on plug & play #eCUB

Objavljuje Shanghai CustomsPonedjeljak, 24. rujna 2018.

In comment section on this post you can find an interesting piece of information: THERE WILL BE AN eCUB KIT OPTION WITH PEDALS!

Objavljuje Shanghai CustomsNedjelja, 30. rujna 2018.

We spoke to Shanghai Customs, and we have a lot more to tell you about eCUB and other electric motorcycle projects so get back soon for new updates.

If you wish to read the older article on Shanghai Customs, check this: Shanghai Customs eCub

Shanghai Customs website

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