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Xcol UNIT 00 Electric Motorcycle is the real deal!

Xcol technology is a high-performance electric motorcycle brand inspired by Cyberpunk, Japanese Anime culture, and hi-tech fashion. Xcol tech has gathered many professional engineers and designers from all over the world. Together they have made first electric motorcycle “unit-00”.

Xcol UNIT-00 Electric Motorcycle on EICMA 2022

This company came as an awesome surprise for those hunting for fresh ideas at the EICMA 2022 fair. We have no doubt that this motorcycles will end up in stores around the world if production goes smooth in China. Unit-00 is sort of a Z-generation electric city motorcycle. It is art in motion!

Xcol UNIT 00 Technical Information

Photo by EvNerds / EICMA 2022.

00 UNIT e-motorcycle from Xcol motorcycles features a powerful rear hub motor and 10.8 kWh battery system.

The battery system is made out of three high-density batteries that can be recharged separately or together for 3,5 hours with 1,8 kW charger.

Photo by EvNerds / EICMA 2022.

UNIT 00 has 5 kW 17 inch rear hub motor with 12 kW peaks. The rear single-side swingarm has a hub motor hidden on one side with a full aluminum cover.

tft screen

Unit 00 riders can reach speeds up to 120 Km/h and a maximum mileage of 180 Km in city ride mode. There are 3 modes on the bike that are controlled via mobile application or TFT on-board computer.

The mobile application also features a navigation system and color mode changing. You can control the LED lights and change the look of the bike very easily. One other cool feature is the dynamic tail that opens up when the driving mode is on.

Xcol e-motorcycle full specs:

  • Max speed: 120 km/h
  • Mile range: 180 km mile range
  • Weight: 360 lb
  • Motor: 5kW / 12kW
  • Battery: 5.4k / 10.8 kWh
  • Charger:
        1000 watts ( 7 hours charge time )
    1800 watts ( 3.5hours charge time )
  • Display: TFT screen
  • Headlight: 40000 cd
  • Tires:  ( Front ) 120/70 ZR17  ( Rear ) 160/60 ZR17
  • Regen / Kers

Price for the “regular bike” is bellow 7000 Usd for early birds and a bit above 10500 USD for special custom-made limited edition bikes. The Chinese manufacturer does not say when and where it will be possible to purchase early bird discounts. When they are ready we will report.

xcol eelctric motorcycle

“regular version”

Special version 1
Special version 2

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