Xiaomi CEO driving new SEGWAY and Ninebot electric motorcycle

Lei Jun ( Xiaomi CEO)is very passionate about electric vehicles. We have seen him invest in startups like YUNMAKE, a Hangzhou-based smart bike maker and some other electric vehicle companies
YUNAMAKE XIAOMI Voted as one of the Best of the Best for year 2015. by the Red Dot Jury Panel, the Yunbike is an Aluminium made foldable smart bike
After his speech at Harvard University, XIAOMI CEO, Lei Jun was spotted at Bedford, New Hamshire to visit Segway & Ninebot’s US Headquarters where he experienced a variety of products! (Ninebot acquired Segway on March 31, 2015 to form a new Segway global business)We want to share with you some of the secrets that US headquaters are hiding. This was filmed last year!

lei yun xiaomi electric motorcycle
Lei Jun ( Xiaomi CEO ) on electric motorcycle

This looks like an intelligent product by Segway or Ninebot in first proto stages. Since no info is out, we would like Ninebot or Segway…or Xiaomi to release it soon in  the final version with polished design. The bike is made out of Aluminium, CNC-ed with an interesting front fork and motorcycle wheels and tires ( probably 17 inches). Since there is no hub motor in the back or front, we have to assume this is a mid-motor setup

Take a look at other Images and interesting stuff from NINEBOT AND SEGWAY US headquaters here:

After his speech at Harvard University, our CEO, Lei Jun was spotted at Bedford, New Hamshire to visit Segway & Ninebot'…

Posted by Mi on 22. travnja 2017

We love Xiaomi for being involved in all kinds of electric vehicle projects and innovation

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