Yamaha YG-1T Electric Moped Conversion

Yamaha YG-1T ( Yamaha Trailmaster 80 ) moped from the 60s is now reborn as electric moped made by custom works of Davin motorcycle company from Iran.

In the early 1960s, Yamaha was best known in America for its larger YD series of machines. It wasn’t until the introduction of the YG series in 1963 (and the lesser-known YJ series of 1964) that the small-bore crowd was treated to Yamaha’s wonderful mix of style, sportiness, and 2-stroke innovation. –  from Motorcycle Classics

Davin Motorcycles Vintage YAMAHA YG-1T

Old EV Tech, old bike = Cool conversion by Davin Motorcyclesmore: specs: Motor: brushed motor 96V, 3.5kwBattery : lead acid 30 ampMaximum speed 70km

Objavljuje EvNerds u Petak, 1. veljače 2019.

Davin’s Motorcycles introduce Yamaha YG-1T Electric Classic Moped

Davin’s motorcycle electric moped version specifications are a little higher than what original YG-1T gasoline bikes had. Speeds from 50 to 80 km / h with only a sound of silence.


The bikes come in classic Green, Red, Black, Grey colors.


Yamaha Yg-1T Electric Moped Conversion Pictures

Original YG1 gasoline bike used as a donor

Yamaha YG1 donor bike was not really in what you would call “A great shape”


It seems that YG-1T was fitted with lead acid batteries.


Big “chunky electric motor was fitted inside the frame. Unfortunately, the company did not say whether this bike has brush-less or brushed motor. Looking at the pics it seems that the motor is a brushed motor type. Suspension, rims, mudguard were replaced with new better performing parts, rather than just rebuilding the old parts.

vintage yamaha moped conversion

The aluminum sheet covers the lead-acid battery pack.

DAVIN Motorcycle Company

DAVIN motorcycle management has been active in the import of all types of light and heavy duty motorcycles since 2005 and has begun research in 2010 to change the pattern of consumption and the use of electric motorcycles for personal and recreational use in Iran.

After conducting the study and establishing a suitable platform for cooperation with electronic producers in Bulgaria and Ukraine, they succeeded in designing and developing a very good electric motors and other parts for this purpose.

Davin introduces the electric motorcycle in Iran to reduce fuel costs and minimize environmental impact to the environment.

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