Zero Motorcycles FX electric motorcycle customized by Fullermoto!

Extraordinary Zero Motorcycles FX custom electric motorcycle by Fullermoto

Fuller motos on-going progress on customized FX Zero Motorcycle is the most radical redesign and customization of this bike so far!

We caught this post by CafeRacersOfInstagram, and instantly looked for more info about it!

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The future? Built off the @zeromotorcycles FX, @fullermoto’s upcoming build “The Majestic” has our attention. Can’t wait to see it completed! #WorkInProgress . . #croig #caferacersofinstagram #zeromotorcycles #fullermoto #electricmotorcycle #electricbike #effortlessadventure #tron

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zero motorcycle fx custom bike
author: caferacersofinstagram
zero motorcycle fx custom bike
author: caferacersofinstagram
photo author: caferacersofinstagram

We have to report that we were unable to find more information about this build. We hope that some of the members send us message on our facebook page if they have some other info not mentioned here! This bike is going to be something special, we can all just follow FULLERMOTO and wait for them to give more FX information out.

About Fullermoto

Fuller Moto is a leading automotive and motorcycle design and customization shop that inspires, educates and entertains those with a creative spirit and a do-it-yourself attitude.
All gear, clothing, and accessories are inspired by Bryan Fuller’s lifestyle, experiences, and his custom, hand-crafted, forged metal machines.

About Cafe Racers Of Instagram

All pictures are from Cafe Racers Of Instagram page. That page is one of the most popular pages about motorcycles on Instagram that posts daily cafe racer motorcycle photos. We are happy to see that they are following electric motorcycles progress too

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