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Zero SR/F Premium review video with a ton of data and analysis

zero sr/f review

After pushing out our new video about the Zero SR/F we were asked to come share our thoughts here as well. If you’ve not seen the video, you can watch it here:

First, we very much hope you enjoy the video. A lot of work went into it. It is intentionally constructed in a way that encourages you to pause and look at data, or slowly look at the time lapses in great detail to verify our claims. So often people make videos on electric motorcycles and either give minimal data or sometimes none at all. We knew we had to be prepared because what we were experiencing while riding the SR/F seemed unbelievable. We told our friends who said we must be exaggerating. We explained it to battery engineers who dismissed us as well.

So, for months, we collected data, and painstakingly formatted it into the above video. Now that we’ve brought the issues to light, many owners are stepping forward and confirming the same thing happens with their bikes as well.

All we wanted was to review a bike. But we can’t review something with massive, glaring flaws like this. At this point, with the firmware operating this way, I wouldn’t trust one of these bikes for anything more than a quick grocery store visit providing it’s fewer than 5 miles away. Clearly the bike is quick, powerful, and absolutely fun to ride, but beyond that it is nigh unusable.

This is more than just a quality of life fix; this is a safety issue. It needs to be addressed swiftly. As soon as it is, we’ll be able to give the platform a proper review and discuss things like gauges, riding position, handling, acceleration, braking, etc. But right now there’s a boulder in the middle of the proverbial road preventing it all. I really want to love this bike, but right now I can’t. Zero, the ball is in your court.

Please let us know what you think. Thanks, and ride safe!

-Brandon and Morgan

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Written by Morgan Vetter

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