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Best Electric Unicycle Concepts from Behance designers


These are the Best Electric Unicycle concepts from designers at Behance. Those of you who appreciate conceptual thinking of transportation, electric vehicles in general and EUC progress over the years, will not find this images SF because you already know that some of this ideas will come to life next year or so. How can we say this for certain? Well, most of the images are 2-3 years old and you already have simmiliar things in stores!


The KTM XO is a Monowheel which is suitable for firm clay soil like it is commonon forest trails or special motocross tracks. The electric engine and its suspensionless design offer an uncompromisingly direct and most forthright driving experience possible. Steering is intuitively simply done by shifting your weight into the direction you want to go – LAURA LANG

2010 Erzberg Rodeo

The KTM XO is made by LAURA LANG


A futuristic dicycle constructed by placing two closely spaced drive wheels side-by-side at the center-point of the vehicle. The hue and shape was inspired from bluebirds -Janine Gayle Galeon

MADE BY Janine Gayle Galeon


GO! is an electric unicycle created by me for the startup Movme whose CEO is Felipe Müeller who was one of the few chosen to present company at Campus Party Brazil 9 (2016) – MAURI SAMP

Made by Mauri Samp


Finalist project developed for VW Brasil Contest 2014.The portable vehicle was the theme.I chose to develop an electric self-balanced unicycle – IAN ALBIERO

Made by Ian Albiero


Shanghai is to me the city with the most futuristic fantasy. Something very interesting and funny is that some people, even Chinese people, didn’t notice that half of my buildings were creation. I wanted to have a futuristic vibe but says something different than technology, robots, poverty etc. – MAXIME GIRAULT

Made by Maxime Girault

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