We used to think the electric change will be led by electric motorcycles and e-cars; but it is so that the small e-RIDES are leading the change, and this is something to talk about, explore and continue to support on our webpage and Youtube channel. Because of that, EvNerds will make more micro-mobility content about e-scooters and EUCs and is partnering with one of the most popular UK companies in the electric micro-mobility space THE e-RIDES ! 


Unlike electric cars or electric motorcycles, EUCs and e-scoots are for everybody that can save a little bit of money and get a decent range out of these small micro-mobility machines. This trend is real and it is here in Europe, UK, USA etc scaling much faster than the purchase of electric cars and electric motorcycles… 

The amount of ecars is too small to influence the global climate in a positive way. No, we do not think anything can replace cars, but we do think that amount of people taking a ride on a sunny day with erides is growing every second and it actually can reduce climate change faster than e-cars. 

eRides Gotway rs And then there is this; Most people are generally disappointed by the range of mid-budget electric cars, and most people are satisfied and surprised by the range that small electric vehicles have: BEGODE, KING SONG, Inmotion, VSETT, HERO RIDER, Kaabo etc.. 


We are happy to announce that e-RIDES will be sponsoring some of our micro-mobility content as a partner. We will talk together about electric mobility, EUCs, and the future of e-Rides to bring you meaningful and interesting articles, videos that serve only one purpose: To popularize the use of mentioned machines and to help those who ride them get some answers about the newest trends in the EUC and e-scooter space. Of course, you are going to see some links, but the content, vlogs, and articles are ment to give you information and make your time with us more fun and pleasant! 

More about e-Rides in their own words

We are e-Rides – a team of Electric Rideable enthusiasts who live, breathe and love working with Electric Rideables. We believe they are the future of personal transportation so much so that we sell them for a living. They are environmentally friendly, very economical to run and superbly stylish – you can literally take them anywhere with you!

The journey of e-Rides started with the very ‘pie in the sky’ mission of wanting to save the planet by reducing our heavy reliance on fossil fuels. Listening to all the greats speaking about changing to a cleaner mode of transport, we were inspired to go green and make the jump to an electric car. Living in a city like London, this change was adequate but not enough.

Whilst eating lunch outside a cafe in Venice, an e- scooter whizzed past effortlessly with barely a sound. It looked amazingly cool and something that would make getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’ more exciting. We were intrigued and learned more and more and more …..and that is where our love of everything electric started and continues to this day.

Of all the Electric Rideables, we both favour Electric unicycles (EUC’s). The feeling of freedom and excitement whilst riding has taken us around the world from talking all things QA with the founders of Kingsong and Gotway in Southern China to New York riding with Youtube influencers such as Kuji Rolls and Tishawn Fahie.

We could go on and on about Electric Rideables, but we ask that you simply try them for yourself. e-Rides has the Electric Rideable products and expertise you need.

Check out e-RIDES WEBPAGE, YouTube channel and Instagram page

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